Mercantile horoscope

There just is not the horoscopes in the world!Experts astrologers claim that your financial well-being depends on who lives with you.More precisely - from its sign of the zodiac, so you want to get rich - choose a partner wisely!


If you - the main "breadwinner" in the family and want to fulfill their "dobytchitskie" function to glory safely connect destiny with a representative element of air.The ideal "commercial" a couple for you Aquarius.Libra - too good helpers in the difficult task of luring financial fortune.But if your only goal - quickly go bankrupt quickly look for a partner of Scorpio: the alliance will ruin you in a matter of days.


And you sexual union with Scorpio, on the contrary, will bring great commercial success.In addition, feel free to build relationship with Aquarius.With representatives of the "fire" signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries), at first glance, things are not too good, but in fact "showdown" with them only strengthens the marriage and guarantee a stable income.


you want to "pull" the money get the partner of Leo.A good result will bring Union and with other representatives of the element of Fire Aries and Sagittarius, but Leo - is literally your "money magnet."Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus will near you to make yourself.You in commercial matters, they do not help, but, at least, and will not interfere too much in contrast to the Scorpio - with him on the slightest decent wages can forget.


To succeed in commerce, looking for a partner for intimate pleasures among the "fire" signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries).A good option would be an alliance with Taurus: not only did he hard working, yet you money "attract".Libra also bring financial success, but they at the same time are unlikely to earn something.


you want to attack you money and you will not be able to fight back from them?

Look for the Twins!This is a rare case when you "pull" the money to each other, so that the financial crisis does not threaten your family.However, Aquarius and Libra is also not the worst option for you.If your partner - Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus, you can earn large sums of money, without straining, and they are next to you any problems in business and money will not feel.But Scorpio - br-p-p!- Quickly let the world even the luckiest of Leo.


Best intimate partner for Virgin, which is committed to financial success - a Scorpio.A rare case: it is not only "removes" the money from the Virgin, like most of the other characters, but also helps her to intuitively determine where you can safely earn a tidy sum.A successful from a financial point of view, will the alliance with "fire" signs.However, periods of love you will always alternate with periods of mutual claims.But remember: the more conflict, the greater the flow of money to be expected in the near future!


strange thing: a close relationship with the representative of the mark, without exception, to bring good luck to all who are engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

But do Scales rarely eat a piece of the pie: Well, do not go to them money and that's it!Try to find a partner Sagittarius: if you're lucky, "from Moscow to the suburbs" will not be a businessman (or businesswoman) lucky you!


Unlike Libra, which help to make literally everything, Scorpio with some fatal stubbornness "diverts" money from representatives of the other zodiac signs.But someone with a Scorpio Union will not bring ruin, so it is "earthly" Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.Scorpio is very best to look for a partner among the elements of Fire.True, be prepared for the fact that your loved Leo, Sagittarius and Aries will ensure that you are: it is next to you will hardly be able to earn something.


you should find lovemaking Aquarius or Libra.This alliance will benefit both sides: you can help each other achieve financial success, which will benefit both of them.If you want to thrive and do nothing - get the satellite-Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn: they are your "astral" help will earn large sum of money, and you - to spend it quietly without compunction: your contributions earned too!


your commercial success is nothing to prevent, you can safely "married for love"!If your chosen one will SCORPIO - You will be able to earn enough for two: he is unlikely to make any significant investments in the family budget.Cancer and Pisces will affect your business in much the same - well, maybe, your earnings will be slightly smaller, but their commercial success you influence better than "Scorpion".Stable earnings are guaranteed and if your lover - Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.Who is left?Taurus and Virgo?Well, with these trudyazhkami you will not be gone!


As for other "overhead" signs, is most favorable for your union with the Fire Sagittarius, Leo and Aries.Things go very well, if your side - Libra or Taurus.But partner Scorpio will affect your financial affairs is disgusting (as, indeed, and in the case of most inhabitants of the zodiac).Do not mess with him!


Best of all, perhaps, the impact on your financial well-being of Aries.That's only if you can live with this explosive subject is a big question.Not a bad option - alliance with Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.However, in this case, you soon will be on someone else's expense, on the other hand - it's precisely because they earn you money!

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