You still do not know who is a moderator?

With the development of the Internet, many began to actively spend their time in a variety of sites and forums.It was marked by the appearance of moderators.I'm sure some people are therefore raised the question: "Who is the moderator?"

Moderator - a person who a large amount of his time in dealing with the forum participants and takes an active part in the life of the resource.Forum moderator must follow exactly the same rules as a simple participant communication.Simply put, it is a status that is not a hindrance in dealing with people.Besides all this, the holder of this status must observe the order of the forum and to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, which will have a positive dialogue.On the question of who is the moderator, you can also reply that a person who maintains the proper level of activity on the part of the forum, for which it monitors.In addition, it attracts new users to the discussions.

This status allows you to edit, delete, move absolutely any topic and some posts on the forum thread, which is headed by a moderator.Taking all of the powers, he also takes the responsibility for all their activities, since the other participants in the forum are expected from him a reasonable use of their privileges.Also the moderator ensures that when users do not communicate beyond the pale, did not offend anyone and do not cause each other grievances.

Rights and obligations of the moderator following:

  1. He participates in the communion of the forum, which is being watched, without violating any rules.
  2. Moderator shall promptly respond to complaints of other participants in the communication, view your profile, in order to have objective information about its activities.
  3. This user monitors compliance with all the rules of the other participants of communication.
  4. moderators have the ability to edit some messages and themes.If, in his opinion, there was a violation of the rules, it must be immediately removed or modified, depending on the seriousness of the violation.
  5. Moderator has the ability to choose the most interesting topics for the purpose of fixing.
  6. He has the ability to create a theme, edit it or close.And also combine several themes into one or split them.
  7. Moderator users can issue warnings in case of violation of the general rules.And to do this he needs only through private messages.
  8. if more than five warning, he shall bring it to the administrator of the forum.
  9. If the situation occurred that is not covered in the rules, the moderator should be guided by common sense.

Most likely, you now become clear who is a moderator and what are his responsibilities.Activity Report can be combined with other activities.In other words, you can get a status on several Internet resources.

What else can answer the question of who is the moderator?It is necessary to know that to remove his powers can only be the site administrator in several situations: when you apply or many complaints.