Occupation: PR-manager

What comes to mind when you hear the term «Public Relations»?Public Relations mean by establishing a relationship between the management company and their future partners.It is also engaged in public relations specialists unwinding any character and promote its activities.PR-manager - is the person who manages the process of creating the name of the company or individual.Currently, public relations officer of the company is not only interesting, but also profitable.

Profession «PR-manager" appeared on the market recently, but soon became a prestigious and highly paid.If earlier for the employees of this profession was fixed the task of writing press releases, but now their activity is aimed at securing a positive image among its competitors, monitor the work of subordinates, led the creative department.PR specialist can work both independently and in a team.One of the most common types of activities is the promotion of star performers and theater.Also, PR-manager deals with the media and has been working in advertising.

specialists to promote not only have a prestigious job, and a good salary.In Russia on average their income is about $ 1,600, while the foreign managers get 3 thousand dollars.Currently, the local market experts in public relations are rare.Many of them do not have the proper qualifications and experience in large companies, so finding a good PR man is difficult.

experienced and highly qualified PR-manager must possess not only theoretical knowledge of their profession, but also to have a large database of clients and partners for cooperation.Needed professional communication with regional and international companies, acquaintance with the heads of ministries and people who are in leading positions of the largest firms.A good PR person should be able not only to offer their services to the company or a person whom he represents, but also profitable to sell them.Of course, a good worker - a person who thinks outside the box and creatively.Education in the field of Internet technology also gives him an advantage.

If you do not wish to receive a higher education specialist in public relations, but have all the data to start its activities in the field of public relations, we advise you to go through short-term courses PR-managers.Complete training and add to your resume another line can be just a few months.Training is conducted on the basis of higher educational institutions, and private audiences with guest lecturers.Here you will learn how to work in a team and individually, will develop their own ideas under the guidance of professionals, learn how to conduct a dialogue with high-ranking officials and convince them of the need to purchase your services.

your resume PR-manager should make such a way that the employer is seen not only what you graduate, but also a seasoned professional.If the experience in this field is not present, add a few lines in the graph of a hobby and character.Show yourself an active and creative person.