Biruchiy island - protected area

far from the city Genichesk Kherson region (Ukraine), on a large uninhabited island spread Biruchiy spit the Azov-Sivash National Park.The protected area in 1927 acquired the status of national park.Miles of sandy beach, shallow bays and coves, rich nature of the region attract tourists looking for quiet, measured rest.

Geographical location

Biruchiy Island, despite its name, is actually not an island.It is a braid length of 20 km and a maximum width of 5 kilometers in the northwestern Sea of ​​Azov.It is an offshoot of a larger Fedotova Spit.Together with oblique Fedotova it forms a complex form of accumulative alluvial origin length of about 45 km, far exceeding the parameters of braid northern coast of the Azov Sea.

the southern and south-eastern side of the territory bordering the Sea of ​​Azov and the north - Utlyutskogo waters of the estuary.Biruchiy really was once an island 25 kilometers long and 3 to 5 kilometers wide.Later the wind and surf deposit a sand connecting an island with Fedotova Spit.

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in Ukraine spread the legend that the island Biruchiy - artificial origin.There is a legend that his namyli by order of Peter I, in order to block the road to the Turkish fleet.Vast shoals braids really represent a serious obstacle to shipping.However, there is no evidence of the theory.But the researchers suggest that the island Biruchiy on the Azov Sea is the habitat of the Royal Scythians: this is indicated by the excavation and its ancient name - Wolf Island.

Physical characteristics

primer shell detritus spit made with a mixture of sandy material, thickness of sediments reaches 10-12 m. They lie in the silt and clay silts drevneazovskogo age.Soils Biruchiy Spit Island - mostly fields and sod, at least - saline and alkaline marsh.

Formed Spit through the serial connection of coastal systems ostracods shafts with a relative excess of depressions 0.8-1.0 m, which are oriented to the west - southwest direction.The peculiarity of this is the lack of accumulation forms a triangular base characteristic of other braid northern and eastern coast of the Azov.Modern Square braid is about 7273 hectares.

Island Biruchiy: recreation

miles of sandy beaches, warm waters of the Sea of ​​Azov, the healing air of the steppe, a variety of wildlife are extremely attractive for the development of ecotourism.However, the conservation status of the territory does not allow actively intervene in the ecosystem.

Herald on the island are only a few camp sites, you can also relax on their own - a great place for camping abound.On the spit, the following organized places for tourism:

  • hotel "Gulf Stream";
  • mini-hotel "Biruchiy";
  • recreation center "Gold Coast".

Biruchiy island can be visited by organized boat tours of Genichesk and transport of Kirrilovki.Also, you can rest directly on the protected area in the village of cages (so-called "Khrushchev dachas") where there are workers of the park.

Azov-Sivash Park

Landscapes spit since 1926 are protected, first as a part of the reserve "Nadmorskie spit", and later - the Azov-Sivash reserve, then reorganized in reserve-hunting.Since 1993, the scythe attached to the Azov-Sivash NPP.Biryuchansky area of ​​the park includes a braid Biruchiy Island (7273 ha) and the waters Utlyutskogo kilometer strip of the estuary and the Sea of ​​Azov (5900 ha).

The vegetation spit Biruchiy island isolated intertidal, sandy steppe, salted meadow, saline, coastal water, synanthropic group, as well as man-made forests.There are more 188 plant associations.Currently, sandy steppe take on Herald Island 28.2% of the territory.

In 2009, in the mammal fauna of the Azov-Sivash NPP were recorded 5 species of cloven-hoofed animals, and 2 types of equines.Of these, in recent years we have left these places only wild boar, other feel comfortable enough.The most valuable game animals the park are deer, fallow deer and mouflon Western Europe.The current population of ungulates (including domestic) on the spit is about 3870 individuals.