Bogie master - is disappearing profession

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If you now ask passers-by: "Bogie master - who is this?", He most likely will not be able to find a decent answer.However, what surprised, because this profession is on the verge of extinction, and soon it will be available only in the records of historians or novels written within the last century.But there were times when it was very prestigious, and the man who has mastered it, I may have to feed my family.

What is a cart-maker?

As the name implies the profession of cart Master - is a specialist who deals with the creation of carts, wagons and carriages.In addition, it lay all repairs - from changing a wheel to complete the restoration of the body.

course, is now rarely seen wagon or cart, but a hundred years ago this was a customary norm transport.Rich merchants, lords and even kings rode in carriages, which now and then broke.It should be noted that the roads at the time were deprived of asphalt, which greatly affects the condition of transport.

Given all this, one can easily understand that in those days telejnoj masters do not sit around.However, they also had their own hierarchy.Some have worked with wealthy clients, with others it was to repair wagons of farmers and peasants.And yet, while everyone knew that Bogie Master - is a worthy profession.

What qualities and knowledge of cart must have a master?

must now sort out where to obtain the skills necessary for work.It should be noted that the specialized institutions, training of this profession, there is simply no.Therefore telejnoj Master - is a specialty, which is the easiest way to get by signing up as an apprentice to an experienced person in this case.

Harness the profession have long since it requires great precision and a well-honed skills.Otherwise, the cart may simply fall apart after the first of hundreds of kilometers, and then have to apologize to an angry client.

But what exactly should be able to do the master of cart?Job consists of three interrelated parts that need to master each.

  1. Blacksmithing - is the foundation of the whole process.After all, most of the details will have to be made of metal, and their quality should be at a decent level.
  2. Carpentry skills are no less important.Bogie master must be able to work with different types of wood, otherwise it can not cope with a certain order, or choose not very high quality wood.
  3. Engineering.Let the design of carts is pretty simple, yet sometimes without drawing is necessary.Especially in those cases when it is necessary to construct a carriage or wagon unusual.

telejnoj master in modern society

Now telejnoj master - a fading profession.The reason for this progress, which has introduced into the life of people and vehicles thus left on the sidelines of these professionals.Yet there are still organizations that recruit cart-masters.

Even now there are still trucks, carts and carriages.In big cities you can often get suggestions to ride around the city in a horse carriage or rent a limo instead of a luxury coach.These services are a success, and therefore work for the masters of cart is still there.

However, in this position often work skilful graduates of high schools who have a general idea about the structure of the carts.But hereditary masters are almost no, it's not every now wants to master this rare profession.