Tips girls: how to sew nice guys

Probably every girl sooner or later fall into a situation where you need to get rid of the uninteresting fan.Then the question arises: how to sew nice guys?This problem should be approached very seriously.

If for any reason you can not just tell a guy that's all over between you, then you need to start to explore his tastes, habits, preferences, and then carefully do the opposite.In short, try to cause him as much as possible the negative emotions.

So several ways:

  1. One of the easiest ways how to dump the guy, it's nice to introduce him to a friend.Of course it is better to seek her consent and will be just perfect, if she likes.Thus, you can get rid of the annoying boyfriend, and, perhaps, make your girlfriend happy.
  2. If for some reason this method is not suitable for you, you can use the reluctance of men have a serious relationship.One can endlessly tell him how you want a family, children, describe your dream wedding.However, there should be careful, if the young man was ready to marry you, then you just push it it.
  3. And how beautifully otshivat guys, if they dream of a family and kiddies?It's simple - to create the image of a cool party girl - constantly go to nightclubs, football, billiard, and other such places.Rest assured, no guy would not last a month.
  4. can introduce fan with his parents, after asking them to play along with you.Let dad looks at him sternly and said that before the wedding that did not shine, and my mother is constantly wooing you.It is likely that after this you will not see it.
  5. Another way how to sew nice guys - constantly criticize them, especially in the presence of their friends and strangers.More often tell him that he is wrong and does everything wrong.
  6. also quite effective way of acting bluestocking, Zauchka who flaunts his superiority, or the image of the classic blonde, an experiment quickly relieve you of boyfriend.
  7. Underline feminism - one of the ways how to blow the nice guy.Phrases that are suitable for this: "All men are equal, and no matter what do not work!", "You are all primitive animals and you do not mind, just instinct," "You are only suitable for fertilization," and so on. D.
  8. Mostmen very kind to his parents.Ask introduce you to his mom, and then do everything possible to not like it.And if he refuses, criticism of his family, he definitely will not like it.
  9. same thing about his pets - call their hostility, ask the guy to send them to the nursery.
  10. How beautiful otshivat guys?Just put them in front of a choice: you or friends.Say that they are bad for your relationship.Let choose!

If you have tried everything and the fans still around, think about it, maybe this is your destiny?In any case, be indulgent to men, do not hurt other people's feelings quivering.