Investing money in 2013

Today there are many different options of investment funds.They all differ in terms of investment, the potential returns and risks.Every man for himself chooses the most appropriate options.Unfortunately, in recent years because of the deteriorating financial and economic situation in our country, more and more people are beginning to keep their money under the pillow, while losing some part due to the high inflation tempav.

To avoid this, you need to invest money to make it work, and brought a certain income.In this regard, consider some investment options that are most relevant for today:

Investing money in gold.For this kind of investment of money, there are several options: purchase gold bullion, buying gold coins, the opening of unallocated metal accounts.With regard to the acquisition of bullion, it is quite expensive, as one-dimensional bar can cost from 700,000 rubles.Following the acquisition of the ingot with an indication of its series, All-Union and the samples need to think about storage.Keep this value better in the safe deposit box.For this, too, will have to pay about 0.01% of the ingots per month.Investing in gold coins for more than is available, the price of these coins zaklydyvaetsya cost of the issue, which is 3 to 5%.Keep these coins is also better in the banking and cell vkoem if they do not spoil and save them look the same.Investing in gold has always been, is and will be a very popular investment option money, as many investors prefer to invest in proven financial instrument.In the long term, investments in gold proved to be the most profitable and the average annual yield of this metal was about 20% per annum.

investing money in mutual funds of bond funds is the most reliable option, as bonds have much less risk than equities.PIF is a special option of investing money, in which the management company manages a ready formed and securities portfolio.The advantages of this type of investment is that you do not need to monitor the market situation and analyze the market.For all of you do professionals.To invest in a mutual fund is sometimes just a few thousand.For an investment of money enough to turn into a reliable management company and open an account with them.The average annual yield of these investments may vary from 10 to 14%, which is higher than the interest on bank deposits.

investment in a bank deposit is the most reliable and conservative capital preservation against inflation.According to surveys, about 50% of the population of our country keep their savings is in deposits.The average interest rate per annum and can vary from 5 to 11% per annum.In order to invest their money in a bank deposit is sufficient to conclude the agreement with the bank bank vkalda in which all clearly described.In order to select the bank you want to know his security rating and read the information on the Internet.No need to give their money to banks questionable with a bad reputation.

Which investment option to choose up to you.