How to create a bulleted list?

Today, every person must have computer skills and possess at least a minimum set of programs.The standard and most popular include Microsoft Word.While working in Word, users are faced with the need to allocate specific ranges for clarity of the text.It is often necessary to insert into the document list.This can be a bulleted or numbered list - the user is able to navigate on the situation.

program allows you to create any documents, letters and designs, using the possibilities for formatting text.To explore all the features of Microsoft Word, you need to spend time, but the result is worth it.

Lists are necessary in order to make the text clear and expressive.Numbered and bulleted list the same level used in most documents.The dissertations and scientific papers used multi-level list.

Bullets and Numbering

The first step is to select the paragraphs that should be decorated as a list.This can be done with the mouse or simply position the cursor to the beginning of the line, which will start the list.

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In MS Word, there the tab "Home," in which the group "Passage" you can select the desired insert.The user presses the button "numbering" or "Bullets", then use the ruler puts margins.This method is very simple and straightforward, but inexperienced users may encounter with the hidden complexities.Inserting the bulleted and numbered lists again indents have to edit again.

In that case, when you want to format each list separately and change the font settings, not every user of the program will be able to make the correct text, in addition to it will need to spend a lot of time and effort.

lists with numbered

Each list item is allocated a number, the numbering is automatically adjusted.To create and edit lists, there is a button "numbering" in the "Passage".You can also use the "Numbering" context menu of the selected paragraph.

list options:

  • Number format determines which character will be located next to each item.
  • numbering style can be selected depending on the characteristics of a particular document: Arabic or Roman numerals, uppercase or lowercase letters, and so on. D.
  • field 'Initial value' allows you to select the digit, which will start the list.
  • In the case where you need to create a similar list, but the number it again, use the convenient "Start a new list."It is necessary to identify the elements and set all the parameters.

insert a numbered list automatically.To do this, follow these steps:

  • At the beginning of the paragraph before entering the text, you need to put a "1" and "Space" or Tab.Paragraph take shape as the first item in the list.
  • putting before the paragraph "1)", and then pressing the "Space" or Tab, the user creates a list of the other type.
  • By analogy drawn up lists with letters.Lines have to enter letters with a point or a bracket.After each paragraph, you must press "Space" or Tab.

Create a bulleted list automatically

Insert the bulleted list in "the Word" as follows:

  • At the beginning of the paragraph you must enter the asterisk or "more" and then press the "Space" or Tab.
  • automatically create a bulleted list.You can enable it by going to the tab "File" and selecting a group of "Options."In the tab "Spelling" select "AutoCorrect Options."In the "Auto Format", you must install the boxes next to Styles.

can create a bulleted list of the following types:

  • symbol. In the window "Symbol" you can select any symbol that will act as a marker.
  • Figure. dialog "paint marker" offers a range of painted markers to create an original list.
  • font. With this function, you can change the font of the selected marker.

Multilevel list

Bullets and Numbering are elements of a multi-level list.They should be configured as desired by the user in a particular case.The structure can be edited using the "Define the multilevel list."Check how to display all the lists handy in the "Lists of documents."To change the font settings of each individual, multi-level list is linked to paragraph styles.

Key settings multilevel list

configuring a list, which consists of several levels, it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • level selection, and the example of his design.
  • Defining font settings, if necessary, you can set a permanent part of the number.
  • Select the type of numbering symbol, drawing, letters, and other options.
  • Determining the level at which the numbering is updated.
  • Determination of indentation and layout.
  • Additional features for editing.
  • Compliance paragraph style and multi-level list.

settings that were created once, in the automatic mode can be applied to the subsequent lists.But if there is a need in the editing, will have to work with each list separately.This inconvenience may seem insignificant, but if lists a large number of text, formatting will take a long time.

How to change the style of the marker?

By clicking "Marker", you can choose the option that is suitable in this case.To do this, go to "Library" and click on it.Similarly chosen and the type of numbering in the "Library numbering."

In order to turn a bulleted or numbered list in Word to text, just to press the appropriate button.

Each item of text can be allocated a special marker.To format a list according to the requirements of a particular document, select the command "Define a new token."

After mastering all the features of Microsoft Word Documents to be fun, to not have to spend much time formatting text.Bulleted list as ordered, includes virtually any document and frequently used, so that the user program will be helpful to look at the creation of lists of various types.