Funny scene on March 8 for adults.

March 8 - Spring Festival, the light colors and, of course, the beautiful half of humanity!Do you want to make it memorable?Congratulate the lovely ladies do not just tulips and traditional festive meal, but also an unforgettable experience?Take advantage of our tips on how to organize the original March 8 for adults.Women will love it!

Funny scene on March 8 for adults - "Capturing hostages"

Surely everyone has long tired of boring and monotonous feast competitions.We offer to spend the holiday on March 8 for adults entitled "Capturing the hostages."We begin preparations for the event.

scenes for this you will need the following attributes:

  • some black stockings (by "terrorists");
  • toy guns and machine guns;
  • cuffs (can be purchased in a toy store, and can be in store for adults);
  • marked with the call "terrorists" (ie terrorist number 1, the call - Pavlovich).In choosing a name for the terrorists the main thing - to show maximum originality and sense of humor.

Invitation holiday

it is best to invite girls and women to celebrate the event.For example, the morning of March 8 can give a bouquet of flowers with an invitation to the inside or to make an original bouquet of paper flowers, and the invitation printed on the reverse side of a sheet of paper from which they are made.

Home holiday

The fair sex with the male half of humanity sit down for a festively laid table at the appointed time.The first event takes place 30-40 minutes normally.Kind words are pronounced - congratulations dedicated to the beautiful women playing music, bottled drinks.After this time, some men come from the table under the pretext of smoke and dress up in costumes of terrorists.

Do not move!This hostage-taking!

Funny scene on March 8 for adults begins with the fact that a totally unexpected disturbing music turns off the light and the room burst invaders in stockings on their heads, shouting: "Everyone remain seated!Do not move!This hostage-taking! "Some women handcuffed to his chair, batteries, or other subjects.Next "terrorists" put forward their demands about what must be done to ensure that they are released "hostages."

sample list of requirements or adults contests on March 8

requirement № 1. Let ruff!

«terrorists» choosing the first victim, this should be one of the remaining males (defenders).Removal of a large empty glass, and each of the participants has to pour into it any liquid placed on a table, and the "victim" shall drink the resulting cocktail.If the defender will cope with the task, "terrorists" released one of the "hostages."

№ 2. The requirement for the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning

«terrorists» offer to hold a competition among themselves "hostages."The essence of the competition is to determine which of the girls have better developed savvy and resourcefulness.Each of the participants of this contest is set non-standard situation and offers to find a way out of it.The winner, which is determined by the number of votes "terrorists" free.

Examples of situations:

  1. You corporate, March 8, suppose you for a long time to prepare for it beforehand acquired gorgeous dress, and come the evening, my colleagues have seen the exact same outfit.
  2. to visit you first must come the groom's parents.You prepared all day, but at the appointed time, realize you have absolutely nothing to put on the table, because you burned the meat and the salad too salty.
  3. Suppose you are sitting at the banquet table and celebrated on 8 March, and then you burst masked men, and take you hostage.
  4. Tomorrow you have assigned an important job interview, and you decide to him to tidy himself up and dyed hair.However, the paint or to expire, or you mess up something with color, but your hair was bright pink.

requirement № 3. Black Stone

One of the attackers shouted that he wanted to shoot.His object partners and try to calm his friend.Then he takes the bag and throw it defiantly two black stones.Then he announces to everyone that put this bag one black and one white stone.If the selected participant would get him a white stone, one of the "hostages" will be released, but if not, then all nesdobrovat.Participants have to guess that it is necessary to get out of the bag a stone and clenched fist (without showing the selected color of the surrounding rock), throw it.Then get the remaining stone, it will be a black, consequently, party concludes that the stone had been thrown them white.

requirement № 4. Come on, boys!

«terrorists» begin to yawn in unison and require them to cheer.Defenders of the lovely ladies (the male half of the team) offers a fun and provocatively perform ditties adults on March 8:

I have for my darling

Prepared dumplings!

And now, without further ado,

I look forward to an evening marathon!


At work we women,

Like chickens in the henhouse!

Heavily all of us on this day, at least one

yes heating !!!


star fell from the sky

friend in my pants!

him now as a disabled person

All offer at half price!


requirement № 5. Come on, girls!

remain "hostages" offer to release the fair sex, adult choir performing the song on March 8.

Example song (sung to the music from the cartoon "The Bremen Town Musicians," the song "Nothing on earth can be better»):

On March 8, we mouth-to-Do,

whole year preparing, washing-to-be!

And today, just relax, eat and

shampusik pope with vodka-e-it!

And shampusik pope with vodka-e-it!



On this happy note funny scene on March 8 for adults coming to its logical conclusion.All hostages released and happily continue to celebrate the holiday.

Conclusion The above is a funny scene on March 8 for adults may be over exposure of "terrorists", that is, girls may be given a list of callsigns gang members, and they have to guess who is who.

We wish you a pleasant stay!