Winter Hair Care Japanese stylist Yohji Yamane reveals secrets

split ends and dry hair - these problems come in the winter, even for those who are not complaining about the condition of the hair.And if you want to grow your hair - in the winter it is much harder to do.The famous Japanese stylist Yohji Yamane, who is now in New York, answers questions about how to take care of the hair in the cold season.

What are the most effective ways to moisturize the hair in the winter?

Yohji: Required air conditioning, a mask with protein and keratin.

How to prevent split ends for those who grow their hair?

Yohji: Every six weeks, trim the ends.

Can combing be damaging to the hair?

Yohji: When we comb hair, then do a few things: First, remove the lost hair (which are lost every day), and secondly, stimulating blood flow.Therefore, it is important to comb.But there's no need to comb the hair during the day, enough to do it in the morning.

How often should I wash your hair in the winter?

Yohji: It depends on the condition of the hair (for example, painted is washed less often), and the type of the scalp (oily or dry).Generally, the less - the better.And the best thing to use for washing shampoos with natural oils.

How to keep hair fresh rare when washing?

Yohji: Use a dry shampoo.A good dry shampoo is not only clean the hair, and hair styling.It also prevents oily hair.

What recommendations for colored hair?

Yohji: better to use special air conditioners for colored hair, in their composition have lipids, proteins and water, which are necessary to recover lost during the application's own lipids and proteins.You can make wraps with air conditioning.Apply on the hair, wrap your head in a warm towel and leave on for 10 minutes.

main advice from Yohji: Treat your hair like thin and expensive fabrics.You will not rub soap piece of chiffon or lace!If you treat your hair with great care, then you choose the most suitable colors and care.And do not neglect the professional advice!

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