Get Root-right on your Android no problem!

In this article describes the different ways of how to get Root-rights on Android.Only in one case for this problem needs a personal computer, and in the other - no.But one thing unites them - is to get the highest possible privilege on mobile devices running the operating system.

What is it and when is it necessary?

To begin with let's deal with the fact that such a Root-rights on Android, when it is impossible to do without them.The principle behind this phrase lies the superuser, who has access to all the resources of the mobile device, but it is vulnerable to attacks.Yet in some cases, it is compulsory.For example, to run some applications that without such privileges will not be able to start.In any case, this should be treated thoroughly.First we need to do as a backup system information, and installed applications.And only then proceed to the manipulation.

With PC

most common Root-rights on Android prepared by a personal computer.Practice shows that this method is easier for the novice user.For these purposes, programs such as SuperOneClick or

Unlock Root.The first of these is preferred, since the ability to handle a large number of versions.The procedure for obtaining such rights the following:

  • download the any of the above mentioned programs;
  • install it;
  • run;
  • connect to a PC smartphone or tablet;
  • menu to connect your mobile device, select the item "Debug";
  • in the control panel program push button «Root» (in some cases, you may need to reboot your smartphone or tablet);
  • when prompted Root-rights obtained on Android.

only Android

The main disadvantage of the method described earlier - is the mandatory presence of the system unit or laptop.But they do not always have at hand.In this case, it is best to use the utility Z4Root in conjunction with any file manager (eg, Total Commander).In this case, the following algorithm:

  • via the browser download the utility from the Internet;
  • with android-market set the File Manager and using it to move files with the extension * .apx on the memory card;
  • run Z4Root;
  • click on the button «Root»;
  • reboot and become superuser.

second important advantage of this method is that it allows in all cases receive Root-law.Android 40.4, for example, a PC is not supported.And the way, although it is much more difficult and requires a high level of knowledge of the user, makes it possible to solve this problem.


In this article described how to get Root-law.Android allows to do this in two ways: using a PC without it.The first option is simpler, but requires a system unit or laptop.But in the second case, you need to be confident users of the operating system.Otherwise, nothing happens.It is important to remember that it is not always possible to carry out the first time.Therefore, for the preservation and restoration of health information, smartphone or tablet, you must first make a backup copy of the system information and installed applications.