How to upgrade the "Android" is easiest?

Often, newly minted owners of smartphones and tablets the following question arises: "How to upgrade" Android "my own?" The equipment is new and not always clear how to use it.From here begins the panic and fear of making a mistake.As a result, the decision to apply to the service center, where the service will make money for you, the expert.But, as it turns out, nothing complicated about it.With this task can handle anyone, regardless of their level of preparation.

Why do it?

Before you upgrade your version of "Android", to figure out why.Initially, this OS was developed by the same company.But at a certain stage of its development it fell into the sphere of interests of Google, which it then completely absorbed.The first version of the system came in 2008.Since then, she regularly updated.Each new version includes bug fixes and added new features.Therefore, in order that all programs can work on your smartphone or tablet, you are sure it must be installed on your PC the latest version of it.Otherwise, there may be problems with starting or running applications.From this point the question: "How to upgrade" Android "on your smartphone or tablet?" - More than relevant.After all, its performance depends on a reliable and stable operation of your mobile device.

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Depending on your gadget update both the operating system and installed applications may occur automatically or manually.By default, most smartphones and tablets set the second option on how to update the version of "Android".Therefore it and focus on.The procedure in this case is the following:

  • include wireless Internet connection (better to use unlimited Wi-Fi, because the amount of information transmitted and impressive for GSM and 3G such a solution does not quite fit);
  • go to the menu "Applications" and then find the "Settings";
  • we need further information on the "" go there, click "About phone" or "On the Table" (depending on whether you have a gadget)
  • the next step is to "System updates";
  • after sunset in this section displays a list of available updates, including the operating system.(Click on each of them, carried out the installation.)

In the absence of new software versions here message will be displayed.If it's set to automatic installation, the mobile device may unattended update "Android" to version 40 or later.Only after its completion will display a message that the software installation was successful.But this solution is not always justified.It is better to use the manual mode to personally supervise the process.


Refresh "Android" to the latest version is not difficult.This material is given a step by step guide that allows you to easily solve this problem.Moreover, its importance can not be underestimated.More recent software ensures reliable and stable operation of the mobile gadget.