HomeGroup Windows: what it is and how to use it?

concept of "home group" appeared simultaneously with the release of Windows 7. In fact, any such group comprises among several computers or other devices operating on the basis of this operating system.All connected devices can exchange information with each other.As for the number of computers united, it can be anything.Apart from file sharing, another important way to use the home group is the ability to distribute them via the Internet - to the device can connect to a wireless connection, in this case does not require a Wi-Fi router.


to home group functioned properly before its creation, check sharing settings and network adapter.You can do this because:

  1. Go to the "Network Control Center and Society.access "(you can open by right-clicking on the connection icon in the system tray) and click on the" Change adapter settings ".
  2. Use the right mouse button click opens the Properties window of the adapter, which will be used to create a group.
  3. HomeGroup can be created if the opposite points, responsible for access to printers and files for Microsoft Networks and Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6), there are check boxes.Install them understand the change ("OK").
  4. return to the network control center.Now we need to select "Edit add.Options Society.access. "Here you need to allow shared access to files and printers on network discovery and connection management group home.


So, move on to the most important.To start, you need to go to the control panel Windows 7. HomeGroup is already present in the list of panel components - you will immediately see it.Click on the "Establishment of the house.group "and proceed to configure the connection.

screen arise wizard appears.First of all, you will be offered to select those elements to which access will be open to participants group (documents, printers, music, images, videos and so on. D.).Select your options, click "Next" and wait for the system to create and configure your group.

When the setup process comes to an end, Windows will provide you with an automatically generated password for the group.It is best to write it in a safe place or a print.By doing this, feel free to click the button "Finish" - a group set up your home.

Manage existing home team

introduce changes at any time, you can use the main window of the home team.The creator has the ability to perform actions such:

  • view, print, or change the password;
  • run the fix problems;
  • make adjustments to the parameters of the general access;
  • leave the homegroup.

Sharing settings can be changed for any of the existing libraries.To do this, open the "Explorer", right-click the icon of the selected item, and then select one of three items:

  • «None of the users" - which means that the participants group home will be completely denied access toselected library, folder, or individual file.
  • «Homegroup (Read)" - this option allows other users to view the item.
  • «House.group (read and write) "- in this case, all the participants have the opportunity to not only view the files and copy them to themselves but also to remove or modify them.
  • «Specific people" - gives the opportunity to personalize the access to different resources on your PC.


Remember that only with a computer that is running Windows 7 or 8 can be created homegroup.Windows XP and earlier versions of the operating system does not support this capability.However, to join the existing network, and they can be customized.