Interesting facts about algae.

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Algae - is the oldest plant in the world.Scientists believe that their age is more than one thousand million years.Let's delve into the world of these unique plants and learn interesting facts about them, find out how to breed algae and how they can be useful.

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There are more than 45,000 species of algae, which may differ significantly from one another in color, shape, size and habitat.They provide life aquatic environment, as they are the basis of the diet of many species of marine animals.

first knowledge about marine plants gives us the science biology.Algae, their structure, it is possible to consider a microscope, and this involved the children in practical classes at the school.

Depending on their habitat algae are divided into deep, which are attached to the seabed, and the plankton floating in the water column.At the bottom of the ocean algae can form true underwater forests.

interesting question is how to breed algae.To them it can be characterized by both vegetative, asexual reproduction and sexuality.Some can reproduce by dividing cells, others - processes of the stem or disputes.

practical use of algae for human

impossible to overestimate the role of aquatic plants for people.In a lot of seaweed iodine, minerals and vitamins.The content is much higher than in other marine products.Therefore, many algae used in food industry as a valuable vitamin supplement.

Algae are widely used in cosmetics.Creams and emulsions based on them have a rejuvenating, toning, firming effect on the skin.Many beauty salons popular procedure is to wrap the whole body using natural diatoms.At the same time they are collected from the bottom of the sea, frozen, dried and crushed.The resulting powder can be used for such procedures.

Algae human use in the chemical industry.Among them are able to produce acetic acid, potassium salt, cellulose, alcohol.Also, work is underway to obtain fuel from marine biomass.

man learned to use algae for biological wastewater treatment, as an alternative to chemical cleaning agents.

Interesting facts about algae

wonder seaweed - is the very first plants on the planet.Mankind is not tired to solve their riddles.Scientists studying sea space, learn everything new and interesting facts about algae:

  • Algae on the composition of micro- and macronutrients are similar in human blood.
  • They do not have roots.All substances necessary for growth are absorbed through the leaves of water.They are joined to the bottom or coral rhizoids.
  • science that studies algae, called phycology.
  • Algae deliberately propagated in the compartments of the spacecraft to generate a biologically active environment.
  • Even if sea water seems at first glance a clean and transparent, it is also home to the microscopic aquatic plants.
  • small village in Okinawa is famous for its huge number of centenarians.The reason they call a high content of brown algae in the diet.
  • In ancient China, the seaweed used for the prevention and treatment of cancer.
  • Aquatic plants in symbiosis with fungi form a new body - the lichen.
  • Some marine plants have luminescent properties and can glow in the dark.The glow of the sea - very picturesque appearance.
  • largest seaweed - kelp.Its length can reach sixty meters.
  • In some highland areas known phenomenon called "watermelon snow".Algae betray snow pink shade, the smell and taste of watermelon.
  • There are species of marine plants that are dangerous for the animals, they produce a special substance, to save them from eating fish.

role of algae in bio-system of our planet

Algae - are the main producers of organic substances on the planet.Their share in this process is about 80%.Here are some interesting facts about algae, confirming their importance for humans and the planet as a whole:

  • Algae - a source of food for many animals.
  • They are also the basis for the formation of some rocks: limestone, shale oil.
  • Algae take part in the formation of therapeutic muds.
  • They are a powerful converter of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Why algae can save the Earth?

Few people know interesting facts about algae.In the meantime, this topic is very interesting.For example, there is information about what these creatures might save the world.Scientists have developed a new technology that helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.At the same time as the filter will be applied to the tank with water containing microalgae.

As you can see, marine plants, seemingly low-key and primitive - a storehouse of nutrients that a person has learned to use for their own benefit.It is also necessary cell in biological systems of the planet, without which most of the biological processes that involve the algae or their metabolic products, have suffered significant changes.