Funny scene on April 1st.

How did the tradition of jokes and make fun of each other the first day of the spring month of the median, no one knows for sure.However, an informal celebration decided to celebrate April Fool's Day fun and jokes.And sometimes even hosts concerts, corporate, funny scene where April 1, is very appropriate.

leading corporate party "April Fools' Day»

course, mini-skits funny for the holidays, and may be able to beat the visitors.But still it is very important to choose a good leader for this event.

It may be famous personality traits have bright, funky manner, the original image, which all the participants know.Of course, these individuals are just prototypes, which will depict the amateur actors from within the corporate organization.

For example, those can be Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Mikhail Boyarsky, Verka Serduchka.Create image data of individuals is easy enough, because they are so bright that they parody - a pleasure.They will conduct the script on April 1, proposed here.Out

leading and greeting guests

Opens holiday funny scene.April 1, it is best not to touch politics and joke about a clear and close all topics.

On the scene Zhirinovsky.He, as always, excited, even somewhat angry.

- It's the devil knows what!Disgraceful!All of you in Lefortovo, not in the office!Who is allowed to come here?What for?!I ask you!You, the lady in the hat that you doing here?- He points to the lady, who portrays Renata Litvinova.

- I?I Vita ... I - in the end ... that is the vital to the edge ... - babbles co-host, adjusting her hat.

- That's it, you're on the edge, between freedom and balansiruesh ... Who is allowed to come here without the official permission of the wacky holiday?Vladimir Central crying for you!Violations, some violations of the time!- Zhirinovsky grabs his head.

- By the way, the holiday on April 1 (April Fool's Day) More Tsar Peter pointed out - has found an excuse Renata.

- What are you talking about?And where you dug this fact?

- Here ... - Renata clicks remote control, appears on the scene frame, simulating a monitor.

Pushkin on the first of April

This funny scene of April 1, is a kind of poetry contest experts.

On the stage - three of Tsar Peter, a prince and a man reading a word from the author.

Author: Eyebrows king frowned,
Spoke ...



tumbled down a storm Monument to Peter."

Author: He was scared.

dignitary: "I do not know! .. Can it be true?»

Author: King laughed.

Peter: "The first brother, April!»

Questions guests in and out co-host Michael Boyarsky


- Who invented it?What's you yourself, it is a fact ... Your hat as armor, do not let just released ... Maybe you're here you know who wrote it?And what's next, huh?

If nobody answer correctly questions Zhirinovsky, in a scenario of April 1, comes Boyarsky.

- A thousand devils!April Fools' Day is already in full force goes, and we are still not in one eye ... I did not roll!As they say smart people, stupid fools in the game is not played, because they live in them ... Ah!Who do I see?Vladimir Zhirinovsky!What's going on?People again want to plant behind bars?


- Leave your humor idiots trainer Tigers!We then decide the important question, political.Who wrote the poem and what's next?You're an hour, you do not know?

Boyarsky grins and gives the correct answer.Of course, there is the continuation of Pushkin's poem is some ambiguity.But the funny skits for adults admit it.

Out Verka Serduchka "Placebo in a bottle»

It is appropriate to funny skits about April 1, placebo, and faith.The main role is played in it Verka Serduchka, who appears on the scene with a bag full of products.

- And here I am, Zdorovenki buly, gentlemen!And sho we doing here?Vipivaem, in any way?- She takes a glass from the table at one of the guests, sniffing.- Well, my God, how you can drink this stuff ?!Well it's solid chemistry!And it is good only for ladies hair after 60. And then, if they were already married.There is nothing better and cleaner than our present vodka!- Gets out of the bag with a bottle of murky liquid.- Here, try, nice chelek, just try!Continuous health!- Pouring, forcing guests to try.- Well, how?

The bottle watered milk.Naturally, a guest talking about it out loud.

- Like - not gorilka?Well I believe - gorilka!Do not believe me, therefore?And this, incidentally, a placebo, yes!"Drink and trust" is called!You eat sausage, believing that it is made of meat: beef there, the pork ... And if you believe - it is digested and you like beef and pork!

Monologue Verka "Believe - do not believe»

At this point, you can insert different funny skits for corporate parties.For example, a monologue, a story about a girlfriend.

my friend - do not believe it!- Written out to disk, for weight loss.And not just written out and dumps him attendants Nemerow!Whether tyshshu, or two - I do not remember.And he, in my opinion, as a modern man - also a placebo, it is necessary to believe.Tokmo noneshnie man in faith - said the priest in the church - is gone, because something, and all our troubles go.

Pro Sho Ba-Ila I'm there?A pro-neighbor Tanya.In short, it will include durёha trusting in your computer drive pohudilny, will sit there in the game how to play or hang on social networks, and instant screen so yes moment, a moment but a moment.As the gentleman on holiday, next to which his spouse is seated ... And sho he drive ie winks - not Sure, tokmo she thinks he is her installation gives pohudilnuyu.

she would sit at the computer - and on the scales.And the results then and there!Looks like it is not quite trusting was.And Tanya that though a fool, but not in the board: yes immediately sat and wrote, where necessary.She answered: "You, my dear, so much ... this thing ... well, you see (shows his hands a place where tailors measured the girth of thighs).A vast aura, here!In short, your ... these are them? .. Impulses clog those who sent our CD.You - an outstanding personality, but you need to start doing in the system of some kind, and will you be psychic! »

And Tanya is issued only one part (shows arms form a large bust).And the person she most ordinary.And she decided to believe again and check.I have written and the disc, after which it will supposedly psychic.A drive that is not worth a couple tysh, maybe more.For unbelievers fools designed that could not lose weight, now psychics served.Placebo!

Now sit my Tanyuha again staring at the screen, waiting for inspiration.Because-and here I came.

Interlude "How to sell a blank disc»

Renata suitable for Serduchka:

- I understand that today, April 1 - April Fool's Day jokes and jokes?And your story - complete nonsense, right?


- Why is nonsense?All true!So I took the disc from Tanya, brought here.


- And you could not give it to me?I would also try ... Maybe I did not have such a strong aura, and he will help me.


- And what will then?You're, like, and so normal ... And suddenly, after more skhudnёsh?Well it sho then get something, huh?


- Yeah, it means that you too believe in his power!Come on, quickly sell it to me!How many?- Draws from Serduchka from hand drive.

- No, well, stuck - not otderёsh as ... gum on his jacket!Ah, well!Come on ... three tyshshi !!!

Renata opens her purse and pulls out money.Then he grabs the disc and runs away.Verka:

- Placebo ... Tanya tells me that with his hands torn off, and I did not believe.That is what it means to work on his aura, it was just the usual donuts, and now more and become a psychic - out as a blank disc loaded up!

Interlude "How to distinguish the clever from the stupid man woman»

Zhirinovsky refers to Boyarsky:

- Although today April 1 - April Fool's Day jokes and gags, but I will say is now seriously.This episode is the confirmation of my opinion: all women - fools!


- And I would not be so categorical.Based on the popular proverb, the mind women is inversely proportional to the length of her hair.That is, the hair is long - short mind.


- Do you think that the smartest bald woman?When I become president, I will publish the law - to shave all the aunts nalyso!We are in the country does not need fools, regardless of gender!Give bald women!


- Here, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, you're wrong.Imagine for a moment that only around bald and absolutely smart lady.What then do we men?We lost all of them!


- not lost, gentlemen!I've brought you here drive "How to distinguish a woman from a hairy bald man," just 4000.It need not even look - attached to his forehead and you're done!Immediately it becomes clear where a smart woman, and where a stupid man.


- And come on, check your drive!- Werke gives money gets disk.

is applied to the forehead, closes his eyes.

- Strange ... It turns out that Verka - smart guy, and I ... It seems, too, man!- He opens his eyes, eyes looking Verka, but it was gone.

Thumbnails impromptu - it's fun and cool!

The script must be present skits funny, short, like jokes.They can play an impromptu visit.

- strange ... It seems to be, and I do not believe either in hell or in a wise woman, and as if this pass me swept around your finger ... - he is scratching his head.


- Oh, those women!So much they twirl us, and we still come across on their bait!I then gathered a selection of different miniatures.This funny scenes, short, are easy to play, even without training.Let's try!From

guests Michael chooses a few people giving away their words.No one knows with whom he is paired to play miniature - therein lies the catch.Boyarsky points to one of the "actors" and asks him to start.

Joke People

Scripts fun scenes can be taken from life.Many plots of miniatures of the popular comedy shows also provide excellent material.For example, funny skits on the theme of marital relations are suitable for almost any adult company.

young couple considering wedding gifts.The room included a young, removes the veil.Husband:

- I would like to warn you.On Saturday at 18 o'clock we leave with friends to hunt.A return on Sunday at 23 o'clock.And nothing can stop it: no storm or a hurricane or a tsunami!

- remarkable - responsible spouse.- I also have to warn you.Every day from 22 hours to 23 I give myself the favorite.And nothing can stop me, no tsunami, no hurricane nor your hunt!

impromptu pantomime

When the table people gather creative, imaginative, be sure to give them the opportunity to express themselves.

interesting place on a mini-festival of funny scenes, which play an impromptu visit.Leading reads the text, and the number of guest artists from the actions portrayed what they hear.

It is best to use a relatively simple corporate parties in terms of plot mini-scenes.Funny moments are explained not only by the text itself and its contents, but also the ability to express his original actors pantomime.For example, you can offer such an option.

Toast pantomime "Pour sosedushke!»

Before starting to play out funny skits for impromptu corporate parties wishing to participate in them hand out the role.They are invited to the props - an arbitrary set of items of clothing, which they can use.

This sideshow participate:

  • White Swan.
  • beautiful swan.
  • Rakita - three people.
  • glass of vodka.

Author (master) starts reading, the actors portray humorous pantomime actions.The result is such funny skits that to laugh is simply impossible.

white swan floats,

dear friend is calling.

But do not hear a swan sleeps

It is in the shadow of the dense willows.

White Swan went,

Another nice find.

pulls, pulls, but to no avail.

firmly asleep beautiful swan!

White Swan went,

glass of vodka found.

only wanted to drink,

Lo and behold - there is a swan.What's the matter?

our Shot Glass Swan seized,

drunk, grunted, biting.

White Swan offense

held her, but mean

smiled.Well, let

Swan drinking.She was sad that for?

Swan clutched his stomach,

grunted, fell on its side.

There are moral: their only drink!

Yes sosedushke pour!

The most important

It is very important to prepare the scenario of the holiday, which could take part all guests.Therefore, you should think about what you can include in a collective games, contests.Competitions such as "The funniest grimace", "King of funny laugh," "I - the most beautiful and attractive!"great place in the company of close friends, the young enterprise teams.

Humorous quiz with fun prizes are also quite fun feast or perceived members of the audience.Especially all like singing competitions, where it is possible to perform the chorus of a converted hit.