The thirst for adventure.

adventure - a dubious risky adventure.It is undertaken in the hope that it will be completed successfully at random.Adventure - this idea, which is dangerous by nature.As a rule, the case involves the risk of non-standard situations.Adventure - is also taken actions of questionable character.In some contexts, they may be related to adultery and deception.These are the main features that distinguish from ordinary adventure adventure.


Thus, the adventure can be called unexpected incident, aimless adventures, dangerous adventures, some significant events throughout the life ventures.These accomplishments may cause a person physiological and psychological arousal.It has either positive or negative.Great adventure can become a major event in the life of some adventurous.Milan Kundera gives it this definition: "a passionate discovery of the unknown."

reveals the essence of adventure - a term that can be used in many contexts.For example, as a key component of stories, fairy tales, legends, plays and dramas.Also, the concept can be used in the plot and story works, films, music and other options.The concept of "adventure" is used in many different areas: tourism, sports and other forms of entertainment.The following are examples of the term in several genres:

  1. Roman.It belongs to the genre of fiction.
  2. film.Cinematography.
  3. game.Genre of computer entertainment.
  4. Education.It refers to the use of discussion and challenge non-standard situations during training.
  5. Racing.Hazardous competition without rules.

try to further explain the meaning of this term at some examples.

The "Wiki"

This structure is an open think tank, which was created for a specific task.The main objective of the project is discussed and widely publicized problems associated with prolonged crisis of the global economy and accelerating redistribution of power in the world.Center studies the role of Russia in the historic turn, and interested in the issues of the future world order.The project also covers the practical problems of the economy.These include issues related to housing aspects, lending, savings, immigration and small business in the Russian Federation.

History Project was founded in summer 2007.Initially, it is an analytical blog dedicated to the numerous problems of geopolitics and the global economy.In a short time the project has gained popularity.He appeared a constant audience.This led to its further development as a discussion and information center.

modern realities

Currently, the project is one of the rapidly developing information and analytical resources.Its main purpose is to study and extensive discussion of many of the provisions that are related to the global economic crisis, geopolitical problems and prospects of development of the country.The project is also interested in practical issues of the Russian financial system.Among them: the problem of lending, small business development, housing, savings, immigration and so on.

topics and trends Site

advertising placed on the resource, the greatest effect brings financial institutions.For example, insurance companies, banks, brokerage firms, investment funds and others.This is due to the theme of the project and its proximity to the national economic system.Advertising resource section will be no less effective for online retailers, vendors of professional B2B service providers and manufacturers of quality goods and services (real estate, automobiles, telecommunications, tourism, computer technology and education) to consumers.The main audience of the site is the entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who are interested in economics, finance and markets.Their main goal - to increase revenues and optimize costs.They are also exploring new business opportunities for conservation savings and increase capital.

Cinema."Amorous adventures" (TV series)

This film has collected a host of burning issues.Guy de Maupassant has long finished work on its erotic novels, but they are relevant to the present day.In the "adventures of Love" highlights simple themes that are pervasive.It is through this series does not leave viewers indifferent.They can dive into the world of experiences of the main characters, and learn all their secrets.Participants of the action are six friends.They meet periodically in the evenings and discuss various news and gossip.The place for public gathering is Burton's art workshop.Friends share with each other their love affairs and adventures.These stories cause genuine interest in a fairly wide audience.