Online life

for schoolchildren and young people social network is clearly not to be "in touch".Given the fact that they "hang" on the phone for hours, discussing the most stupid topics.Most young people sits his "precious" time in the network in order to watch video, listen to music, and ... drumroll ... trace his half.I have had to watch as the girls coming in to your doing a following.

First, carefully viewing pictures appeared, searching for it "provocative material."Second, read the "wall", where trying to find any phrase "connotations of betrayal."

Thirdly, if in the "Friends" of people has changed, begin to browse the list, start to finish, even if it figure "passes" for 200. The most surprising that when you start busting marvel at the fact that "it "remembers all his past 199" friends ".

If the "new friend" is a girl, the story is developing on several fronts.This may be a "interrogation", an attempt to hack your account, in rare cases, she simply asks, "Who is that?", But the most incredible situation - is no reaction, with the accompaniment of thought "Well, there was, so what?".

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seems to read, and all seems silly and fun, but out of 10 of my friends 8 "work" under the scheme.It can be said that the social network forms a certain reaction schemes and behavior.At the same time, then you may receive distrust deteriorate or even to collapse relationships.It's sad but true.

for older people social network is increasingly a place of communication, for some it is liaising with business partners and friends, classmates, and some play in the "Farm Frenzy", in order to relax.And sadly, but some use it for that would be "fun" with the young - remember the youth.However, the main ridge of the network is that you can create your ideal image, as in the nature and on the avatar using the various "tricksĀ» Photoshop.And you create yourself, you can create a "communication style" and follow it.Now some will deny this, but let me throw a stone the one who's much easier to say "uncomfortable" thing or a news person, not topstitch it in the message.Of course, there are people who still like to present the news, but in most cases easier to write than to speak.

create the perfect ourselves, we do not want to come back to the real world.Indeed, in the network, even Katya Pushkareva be Miss Universe.And our dear friend Laziness periodically makes itself felt.After all, before the people, if agreed to meet, then we met, and today - laziness.And what if "talk" can be on the network.We meet for only when strongly "squeeze."And as social networks has almost everything for the entertainment: music, books, socializing, movies, gifts (!!!), etc. There can even get married and get married.Speaking of which, not to recall the anecdote: "He: And I gave you a gift =). It is: You have me for another" wall "and threw the film said that the movie was driving."And, of course, important, especially for teenagers, is that you can share your status through its universal grief, what he or she is "its" or the world is not fair.Let everyone know and feel sorry for me.

We are mired in the world of social networks, and we do not want to go away from it, or may not need, with a real world.The only thing that causes vomiting - is the transformation of feelings in virtual real.For us it is much more convenient to write "I thee Liu" in the message than to say alive.At what the funny thing is that at this moment we can sit in sweat pants and sipping tea with buns.

matter how sad this whole situation was not, everyone decides how to live.But the council for the future - do not turn into a vegetable, go outside, after sitting out his pants at the computer, you lose the opportunity to become a real person.