Wicholding: reviews of work

MLM business or network marketing has appeared in our country for more than fifteen years ago.Pioneers can be considered cosmetic brands Oriflame and Avon, which still exist in the market.

Today, the number of network companies has increased considerably, and the largest of them can be found on the official website of the Direct Selling Association.

The following list is not a ranking, but makes it possible to avoid the fraudsters, because sometimes in the guise of a network of hidden ordinary Ponzi scheme.Many doubt the work is Wicholding, reviews of which are quite contradictory.

In our review you will find detailed information about the MLM business, the skills required, as well as the views of the people who worked in Wicholding.


basic information about the organization is available at www.wicholding.com.Reviews of former "partners" mentioned a famous businessman Arkady Sharov as the head of the company.However, based on official data, international company World Intercontinental registered in British Virgin Islands (Caribbean).Perhaps, many have heard about this major offshore, which do not require reporting or paying taxes.

So, international company, but the main activity for some reason carried out in Russia and the CIS.Conflicting Company Wicholding reviews.Cheating whether all its slogans or not - we have to figure it out.Many have expressed strong arguments against the work in the office.But we'll give another chance Wicholding and elaborated on the products sold.

modest selection

Typically, network companies choose one primary direction.Tupperware sells tableware made of a special polymer and metal, Amway famous line of products for the home, and Mary Kay, Oriflame and Avon specialized in cosmetics, perfumes and accessories.Catalogues of these brands have an impressive number of positions can not be said about products on wicholding.com.

official site, reviews of which are presented in sufficient quantity, contains several sections.

Wic Beauty

only product, which is offered as part of the cosmetic line is rejuvenating cream serum.To do this means the site has a great description, which praises "unique properties" cream.

As part of serum mentioned: almond proteins, seaweed extract, macadamia oil and sunflower extract, witch hazel and rose inflorescence.In addition, it is alleged that some of the components have been delivered to Russia for the first time specifically for Wicholding.Reviews confirming the magical properties of the cream, serum, very difficult to find, so the quality of the product is highly questionable.

Top Quality Limited

main ingredient product line with such a great name is amaranth.

use of this plant was known in the days of the Aztecs, and now fast food with the addition of amaranth can be found at wicholding.com.Comments about the company and its instant soups, porridges and kissels talking about inflated prices.

According to the marketing promises, products with amaranth improve metabolism, help with anemia and problems with the digestive tract, deduce toxins and strengthen immunity.This raises the question of whether, for example, in tomato soup with chicken flavor has declared ingredients.Who checks the quality of the products that are not sold in retail stores?

World Inter Continental

Under this section presents two types of product:

1. Cereal WIC-life is available with five flavors: cream and berries, butter, cream and strawberries, with butter, barberry, raspberriesand rosehip, and with natural vanilla and butter.All the ingredients are exclusively of natural origin and are carefully selected - so stated in the description on wicholding.com.Reviews of existing partners confirm the unique taste and the use of cereals, but we trust their opinion do not recommend because of personal interest in sales.

2. Information product.To increase the level of knowledge in the field of finance experts Wicholding offer to purchase three sets of DVD-ROM drive: "Loans", "Fundamentals of Investment" and "Money Planning".It should be noted that this information can be found in the public domain on the Internet, literate person is not necessarily to buy these discs.But those who can not use conventional search engine, does not help even Wicholding.Comments about information products only prove their futility and senseless waste of money.

Easy Life

category Easy Life Products are divided into four groups:

  1. "Beauty" - a classic and decorative line.
  2. "Home" - two types of cream-paste for washing, bleach and versatile tool.
  3. Easy Tea - seven kinds of tea, created by a special recipe.
  4. "Health" - soups and smoothies, rich in vitamins and nutrients.

minimum information

Many potential buyers complain about the lack of information about the products on wicholding.com.Reviews of companies increasingly are negative, which further causes mistrust.

Each product has a detailed description, telling about the unique ingredients and properties.At the same time it is impossible to immediately see the value or the name of the country where the products are manufactured.The only way to get detailed information - is to turn to the partners of the company.At this point comes the fun part - the processing of potential buyers, which we discuss in more detail.


The main purpose of any network company is to attract as many customers, who then themselves become partners.Thus, it built a network of marketing.

So, if you are still lured to the presentation (seminar or just meeting), it is important to keep a clear mind.Make it would be quite difficult, because you will communicate with real professionals.Usually people do not notice how in these situations are divided fairly personal information and fall under the influence.

This scheme applies to Wicholding.Reviews, cheating partners and debt - are the main complaints of the people who are stuck in the network.Most often promise to deal with high incomes, and among the advantages of work that sounded during the zombie, you notice the following:

  • combination of the basic work and part-time Wicholding;
  • bonuses to attract new customers;
  • social programs;
  • opportunity to start a business without a substantial investment;
  • big earnings with little effort.

At first glance, it seems that all these promises are unrealistic to believe they can only naive person.However, many educated and intelligent people find themselves in debt after cooperation with Wicholding.

Reviews Company

Wicholding Find information on the web is quite simple, it is best to do before becoming a partner.After the signing of a formal agreement and the first imposed on the purchase of a person is in this trap.

most affected regions - the reason for this excessive credulity and common desire to live better.To investment paid off, you need to work successfully for several months - sorry, but that at the conclusion of the contract no one mentions.

you will promise mountains of gold, but the complexities of getting real money does not even give a hint.All proceeds of the workers of the network are formed on a special electronic purse, from which the withdrawal is possible only if payment of the commission.In addition, all prices are in euros, and the internal rate is far from the rate of the Central Bank.

former partners say that the head of the office does not mince words, and sometimes resorted to blatant threats - that's just one reason why the negative reviews about Wicholding.


Today, the most popular professionals in the labor market - sales managers.In order to be successful in this area, you must have certain qualities to be able to find contact with potential clients and identify their needs and then unobtrusively offer its product.

truly talented person can earn in network marketing decent money, but for the rest of this work will bring disappointment and debt.

In addition, the choice of the network company plays an important role.Brands with a long history of offering high quality products - is half the success, especially if you have your own positive experiences with the offered goods.

But there is another category of network companies, for example, Wicholding.Comments and opinions former partners suggests a pyramid scheme, in which the management does not earn on new clients, and their own employees.In the web there are even sites that communicate deceived Partners, whose families were in debt, and where Wicholding compared with the usual cult.

Of course, you can meet other points of view, for example, the alleged success of employees who can not receive more than 100 thousand rubles per month.But, as we have said, talented people in sales a bit and it is unlikely they are writing positive reviews for Wicholding.

Unfortunately, none of us is immune from such situations.Unscrupulous companies will continue to appear on the Russian market.Therefore, before finding a job we recommend to realistically assess their abilities and choose an employer with a good reputation.