How to choose a suit for the groom to the wedding

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Wedding - is a memorable day in the life of every man.On this day chic look to be not only the bride and groom but.The suit for the groom to the wedding is usually chosen with the future spouses.How to choose the right attire, taking into account not only their own taste preferences, but keeping the tradition?


  • black suit symbolizes love and understanding in a marriage.
  • Promises suffering in marriage white suit groom at the wedding.Photos in this suit, of course, are impressive, but whether they will need in the future, if the duties of a wife will fall on his shoulders.This sign is the fact that the white color - the color of the dress (wedding).
  • gray suit speaks of hasty decisions.But such an alliance has a solid foundation.
  • blue suit says groom flippant attitude toward marriage.Such husband would walk from his wife and often have affairs on the side.
  • Green Suit heralds the spouses ridicule from friends and relatives.
  • blue suit for the groom to the wedding the groom speaks of avarice that lead to scandals in the family.
  • Red Suit groom promises early death.
  • brown suit characterizes the severity of the groom and the tough-minded enough.
  • safety pin attached to the lapel head down, will protect the bride from the evil eye.

Choose a suit for the groom

choose a suit for the groom to the wedding need to advance.Before purchasing you need to know the size and make sure that it meets the European table.Determine the suit, it is worth remembering not only the beauty and practicality, but also about what material to choose the best costume.Perfectly suited for winter coat for the summer should choose lighter fabric.In qualitative costumes lining will always be made of cotton, silk or fine wool.At the cheaper models do not expect anything other than acetate, polyester or Shangrao.

important that suit sat

future newlyweds are interested primarily in how much the groom's suit for the wedding.Prices, of course, play an important role, but look great on the wedding day is just as important.Of course, if a suit sitting on a figure, he is able to "tighten" the bride and even hide some of the shortcomings of his figure.Here are some tips on choosing a costume.

  • length trousers should be up to the middle of the heel.
  • suit should not look too loose and baggy.
  • color dress should be combined with the color of the shoe.When selecting
  • jacket should pay attention to the fact that there should be a back folds or waves.He has a little fitting shape.
  • suit should not hamper the movements, so try to raise their hands up and sit down.
  • hoses should have a length of 2.5 cm shorter than the cuff of his shirt.
  • jacket is ideal if its floors for 5-7 cm below the hips.
  • For high and chunky jackets semifitted fit models, they lean.
  • suited for skinny men's double-breasted jackets with loose wide lapels.
  • Men preferred low elongated jackets, covering the buttocks.
  • Men with wide hips fit trousers cut free.Jacket should be selected without the overhead pockets.
  • If the groom's broad neck and a round face, the best choice - it's turn-down collar and a tie.

suit for the groom to the wedding to choose is not easy, but it's worth it, because next to the gorgeous bride to be worthy of the groom!