Sexuality in every woman?

«I and the horse, I and the bull, I'm a woman and a man"


Probably each of us has a familiar lady manners that are inherent in most men, even "peasant", so to speak -than women.I also have a few friends with the same character, apparently made different from each other: one - the biggest madam middle-aged man with a firm step and straight hard look, the other - a fragile redhead heels, canny, and the third - the mother of two children in jeanswith a hammer and screwdriver in his hand.It may seem strange, but their behavior under certain circumstances, so the same, that I was sometimes even amazing - I mean their unfeminine independence in decision-making and implementation.In addition, regardless of the achievements of different images, in which there is absolutely no sexuality, the same attraction for real men!What do you think, why?

Determined to find out, a cup of tea I had to listen to their stories about the long trip to the construction market for tile adhesive, To clean the injecto

r in the service station and to repair plumbing using a wrench and some gaskets.And it's not that they had no one to instruct these fascinating duty, not at all - they have satellites and gentlemen, who are happy to take care of all these troubles, which can rightly be considered masculine, but turn to them for help my girls do not considerfit.Therein lies the secret of the fact that real men do not see them as sexy!After all, the very definition of sexuality implies the presence of the qualities that can cause sexual interest in the opposite sex.And this interest is just the distinctive qualities of women by men.But, not similarities.

try to understand why they have become so.

Many times we have tried to understand them, where does this lifestyle.I call it just a way of life, because the desire to solve everything by yourself - it's deeper than just a habit: they need to take control of everything.And for this, apparently, there are reasons.

Every woman who takes over the man's character and masculine demeanor, does it for one reason only - because at the right moment with her was not found the man who would take a decision on its problems.Other details: from a financial problems, the other dysfunctional neighbors, the third - a divorce, a child, a rented apartment and a job.So, please: they do repairs, themselves fighting for their rights in state institutions themselves are repairing the car and dispersed themselves bullies with shops at the entrance.As a result - the loss of femininity, not only in the image, but in essence.What kind of sexuality ....

Basically, what's wrong with that, you ask?It would seem - live for pleasure, if you smith of the happiness and no one can tell you the word across.

In this way of life, and fly in the ointment.As practice shows - a woman with a strong character can be hard in personal relationships.I will not be mistaken if I say that each of us needs a real man - strong and confident.But such a person, unfortunately, will not tolerate competition in his field, and the two strong personalities get along very tough.Well, find yourself a gentleman, who will wear on you handbag - this, of course, also not an option.That has to meet, break up, quarrel, reconciled, and wait for the next conflict.

I think that the best recipe in this case - to give up the man, even after a dispute, and leaving the last word for him.Even if you believe that one hundred percent right, sometimes it's better to leave while his case himself.Of course, in full compliance with the ancient male military principle: to lose the battle to win the war.After all, as you can see, the harsh principles can also be found in a woman's nature.

conducts training for women and individual counseling, I help women to return their old, donated by the nature, quality.Naturally, this is possible only when the woman herself decides to find inner harmony and take in your life the happiness of being loved and loving a real man!Imagine how much easier, happier and more varied life becomes when near a loved one, and always ready to share joy and sorrow.

And once again remind you about the that men appreciate and that we, women are different from men -seksualnost, weakness (in which lies the power of women))), tenderness, softness, flexibility and wisdom, sluggishness, refinement and many other qualities that define femininity.

And, dear women, before deciding to "score" the next nail, think how sexually attractive you will look the part!

Always with you, with love,