Man game?

The games people play begins in early childhood.First it rattles, develop fine motor skills of hands, then toys on intelligence - pyramids, cubes with holes of various shapes, then - pupsiki cars and helicopters on the radio and talking dolls, and, of course, computer games.Man throughout his life playing in the game, and apparently it's built into us since childhood.It does not matter what kind of game: chess, dominos, cards, etc., and if you play with real or virtual partners - in any case, you play.For some of the game - a way to relax and get away from reality, for others - a way to make money.

So, "the man who plays" - is bad or not?Let's try to figure it out.Link to the games is inherent to everyone, but some people may be limited to the level of excitement hour or two, while others may hold the games day.All probably noticed that the casino does not have windows, and everything around is full of bright holiday atmosphere, and time it flies.So many people "lose their heads" and lost the games fo

r days.But it let him write, and doctors treat "syndrome of gamers."In this case, the game is certain - Evil.But every coin has a flip side.

example, educational games, including computer, help children learn foreign languages, mathematics and other subjects in the gameplay.While playing educational games child transferred to a magical world, and thus he learns.As adults, playing games, transferred to another world and distracted from reality.On the other hand, in the world of online games can be found pleasant companions from other parts of the world and has already played a couple, but with time and can become "best friends".

As you can see, "not all games are equally harmful," it all depends entirely on "people play."And it was for him and people like him, the company Innova offers the world famous online projects: Fogeym;Lineage 2;Point Blank;Aion;Atlantic;RF Online;R2 Online;FreeStyle;Ace Online;BnB;AYYO;KartRider other.At the moment, these games have already played more than two million, and "army" game is constantly growing.Someone finds gaming company Innova way to escape from reality for a few hours, someone - a new companions.But in any case, the game company Innova are only positive attitude and interesting leisure.

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