Lyrics - is the pinnacle of poetry

Lyrics - a kind of literature, which is reflected through the life of thoughts, feelings, impressions, which are caused by certain circumstances.All feelings and emotions are not described, but are expressed.The characteristic features of the lyrics are poetic form, rhythm.The focus is on the deep spiritual experiences of the hero.

literary scholars believe that the lyrics - this is one of the three branches of literature.There, along with the drama and epic.Every literary race has the main feature.The epic tells the story of the events, the drama shows the developments in the dialogue and lyrics are emotional and subjective reflections of the author conveys.

It happened in the 19th century, the word from the Latin "lira".It was later borrowed by the Greek, French, English, German, Italian.For us the word "poetry" comes from the French.Does it kind of literature or a collection of works belonging to this genus.Lyrics - is the emotional elements in some work or the work of the writer, it is the wr

iter's inner monologue, which he conducts himself.

This kind of literature covers such poetic genres: romance, elegy, song, sonnet, poem.They say that the lyrics - is the soul of poetry.At its center is a specific subject - poet, his thoughts and emotions that make up the content of the work.Whatever the range of subjects of the writer, all traces of his individual assessment, in contrast to the epic where objectively portrayed what was happening.Therefore lyric poet has the risk of being misinterpreted.Personal interpretation of their experiences is the position of the individual statements.Therein lies its strength and weakness at the same time.The depth of the world so it becomes crucial in creating a lyrical work.In the 19-20 centuries, the genre has become divided into four categories: civil, philosophical, love and landscape.In the genre of poetry wrote George. Byron F. Petrarch, Pushkin, Lermontov, Alexander Blok.

creativity of the artist who creates poetry, poetic world gives it a unique and individual look.This differs from the lyric poetry of Lermontov Pushkin, Blok works by Nekrasov creations and so on. D. To feel features works of various poets, need to see their biography, the history of that time.

Lyrics Pushkin goes through several stages of development.In the first fight of his poems influenced literary and poetic language.The lyceum years, from the pen of the poet come satirical line of parody.The lyrics of these years devoted to friendly relations, which have strong ties of young talents.Pushkin's works are imbued with the ideas of the historical, artistic and social ideas.Love poetry was the pinnacle of his work and, in addition, all of Russian poetry.

emotional richness of the poetic world of Pushkin accommodate all shades of feelings of love, from the fleeting passions and pangs of remorse on to eternal separation.All lyrics poet riddled with moral, ethical norms, even if we are talking about changes and errors.Verses of the author ennobled convey human emotion, which is not accidental traits, but there is individuality, the drama and power.

perceive works of any author is necessary to mastering his genre, type, style, dimension.Only then can you understand the meaning incomprehensible lyrics.Ignorance of its features can lead to misinterpretation of the meaning of which is invested in the work of the poet.