The staging of fairy tale for the cheerful company.

staging tales for merry company will make a festive party or corporate event is extremely interesting.Just delighted people perceive scenes where there is humor.

Roles - it can be hilarious!

very important that staging a fairy tale for the cheerful company has made to the event stream emancipation, convergence participants.There will be the main way will be distributed in the scene role.Of course, one should consider the possibility of amateur actors, their age, complexion and appearance.But sometimes it makes sense to start from the reverse.For example, a dramatization of a fairy tale for the cheerful company of roles may just be one of the points of irony.This occurs when the name of the character played by Zdorovyachok thin teenage girl kozlёnochka of "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" - fifty-year physical education teacher, feisty hunter with a gun - a young slim woman with painted mustache and beard.

old tale in a new way

Today was the actual staging of fairy tales for merry company in a new way.It has long been known throughout history, which introduced the modern sense, the audience is almost always perceived with great interest.You can leave in the scene just the same characters and the beginning of the story, to change the whole course of events.And you can make a dramatization of a fairy tale for the cheerful company received an additional meaning.For example, in "Cinderella" think through continued when married to the Prince of the poor girl does not live a happy carefree life, but becomes powerless nahlebnitsey, property of the wealthy.A dramatization of fairy tales for merry company "Gingerbread Man" makes the audience think about how it is important to educate children, not relying only on their parents' unconditional love.And the story of Little Red Riding Hood, to add after the wedding of the girl and the representative of the criminal environment, can be an excellent illustration of modern misalliance.

Preparing costumes for the play

matter, is preparing for the staging of fairy tale fun of children or adults, stage costumes play a major role.Therefore, this part of the preparation of a performance should be approached very seriously.Masks, makeup, hairstyles actors attributes important stuff here almost as much as the words themselves heroes of the play.

example, mother-goat in the fairy tale "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" but trimmed with ruffles apron, baskets and kokoshnik can make two cool ponytail of hair, which will imitate the horns.A wolf, except for the mask-caps should think carefully about the style of clothing.If the nature of gray predator romantic if he depicts lovers, the white shirt with butterfly and bouquet of flowers in their hands will be quite appropriate for the creation of this image.But in the case where the wolf stupid, rude and lax on the subject, he can dress in the style of the district Gopnik - he is very fit tights and plastic slates put on the contrasting color socks.

Intonation staged tales

can get interesting dramatization of fairy tales for fun company in the New Year with kids about a goat and a wolf.Moreover, this option is relevant with the advent of 2015, when the symbol will be a sheep or a goat.Home staging can all start to resemble fairy tales Row, Painted window is opened, in which there is a grandmother-teller.She begins her narrative folk accent.

wolf, a goat and seven kids, or as a goat happiness found

narrator :

We have a tale about a wolf, a goat and kids
you are giving away a new way!
... a goat, then ours, beauty,
Those kozlyatok something was Nemer!

Maybe it was just because she liked the process,
Ile tried it, we can deliberately
Enhance demographics ...
only answer you can not guess.

And if you ask us: "They are much
was something, those kids?"- "The Seven about."
Morning Every mother-goat
They thought ...

Goat :

... «Buyan, Mudryachok,
Merry, Fidget, rosette,
krasotulya, Zdorovyachok!

(goats run out, each in his own way, bowing to the audience.)

Draw you and occupation -
Everyone MUST know!
Who, kids?- It shows a picture of a wolf.- This ...

All goats chorus :


Goat :

He zubischami klatsat ...

All :


Goat :

if caressing it ...

All :


Goat :

poprizhat would scoundrel ...

All :


Wolf (eavesdropping on them in the bush begins to howl):

As annoying me ...
obiiiiidno bothered me all pugaaaat!
Do not you feel viiiidno,
What good am I?And rugaaat

Stop me proshuuuuuu!
I ...

(Goat sees it and goes to him, clenching his fists and potryasyvaya them.)

I ...

(Wolf retreats at first, then drops to his knees in front of the Goat.)

You ischuuuu!

Goat (hesitate, flirts with Wolf):

Well, do not even know, right ...
And you have the right eh?
No, you, I'm not evil,
But I would ... marry a goat ...

You Well, sorry, Gray Wolf!
mesalliances ... And in it there is a sense?

Wolf :

Well, dear friend!
enough for us to delve into the soul.
Drink better!Where is the cup?After
can be pulled.

(Wolf raises his glass)

Happy New Year!All glasses in
Let champagne poured!
With the new happiness!Goats?Wolves?
Goats wolves too drunk!

(Wolf submits filled with glass and Kose).

Goat :

Oh, thank you!Cavalier so gallant!

Wolf (responds pointedly):

I still have other talents ...

Goat (ask the gentleman, clearly flirting with him):

Well you know how my Grey Wolf?Share
the same, what you know a lot about!

Wolf :

Well, I can sing - I can not sing,
And still I can have - I can not eat.

Goat :

And let's competitions we spend:
«Who will eat the salad?" - Competition.
only - mind you!- Without arms or equipment!
Who is ready?Here, without further ado!

Contests and games during the dramatizations

attracting viewers to take part in the action, actors thereby increase their interest and stimulate activity.However, be contests and games must be organically without delay.It is therefore important to prepare in advance all the attributes that can even prevent some of the guests present at the event that they should be required to take part in the competition.After all, if wishing to leave the room not find, can interrupt the plot thread of the play.

continuation of the play "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids»

After the competition should contact again to the tale.So, while participants compete among themselves with a goat Wolf whispered talk, both visibly pleased with each other.And then there are goats.

Zdorovyachok (comes on the couple, says sternly):

- Who is that, Mama?

Goat (son responds sheepishly, looking enthusiastically at his chosen):

It - Wolf!

Buyan :

He zubischami klatsat ...

goats (chorus):


Rozochka :

if caressing it ...

goats (chorus):


Merry :

poprizhat would scoundrel ...

goats (chorus):


Goat :

Friends!Let me tell you a secret:
Love sometimes we donate goats.
Even the wolf as yourself or led,
At heart, perhaps - shaped goat!

Wolf :

I do not know right now, I have been insulted here?
And maybe because that was praised ...
but ready to give advice for the lovely ladies:
Love giving you not only the goats!

And let all the people - brown-eyed, blue-eyed -
not happen now so lonely!
Koshel let him be full of the eyeballs
The representatives of either sex!

success pursues let each of you!
light and joy streamed from her eyes!
For this drink, gentlemen!
you support me? ...

Hall (chorus):


staging of fairy tale fun for us without words

Pantomime on holiday can be a fascinating contest in the children's collective, and in the companyadults.Here there are two options.

Mime reading the text the author of "behind the scenes»

This dramatization can be offered in a group of people of any age.For example, the author reads "Bun" is possible even in a new way.A task for the participants - most clearly show each word of the text.This dramatization of fairy tales for merry company of children is both funny and exciting.The actors improvise with humor, showing the hands and facial expressions, as the grandfather shows that he wants to eat, that soon the holiday, and at home - the ball rolled.And the old woman explained to him that, well, lazy lay on the stove, and that there is not a crumb in the house to eat.

Mime a predetermined fairy story, which is unknown to the viewer

Then turn on another job already for guests - guess what story telling gestures amateur actors.In both cases, the actors do not wear suits, so guess what they are, it is difficult.

«Gingerbread Man" at the wedding - it's fun!

Russian folk tale can act as a comic dramatization of fairy tales for the cheerful company of the wedding.For example, the well-known "Gingerbread Man", but played in a new way, it could lead to the delight of all guests and the newlyweds.However, the writers have a good try and turn the meat product to a child, which should be properly educated.And since it's not all parents receive, and the tale will not only amusing but also instructive.

with fairy tales is easy to understand the main truths

Children easier to understand the vital axiom when they are embedded in a form accessible to their age - and such a fairy tale."Three Little Pigs" is always perceived by children with delight, because this work good triumphs over evil.And the text is clear and easy to remember.Therefore, this story can be put even the smallest artists.Though there may be options for the plot.

example, you can not do evil wolf and good, but very lonely, who comes to pigs to treat their cake.But the brothers had heard enough horror stories about evil predators and do not believe him.At the end of the wolf still friends with pigs, and together they will dance a merry polka.The moral of this tale is to be that all the people should not attach labels, do not believe all that talk about, because sometimes people can communicate with each other false information.