Feast: holiday scenario.

popularly called Apple Spas religious holiday of the Transfiguration.This celebration is timed a large number of folk rituals.

This holiday symbolizes the arrival of autumn and the changes occurring in nature.Our ancestors to this day not eat fruits and other fruits.The exception was a cucumber.Allowed to eat fruit only after they have consecrated the church on 19 August.

Earlier this festival was celebrated in a big way.Adults Congratulations to all acquaintances and share them with fruits, the children sang songs and recited poems.Feast accompanied by folk festivals and brought to every house a festive atmosphere.

Modern people also celebrate this holiday, and attach to the folk culture of children begin as early as kindergarten.So you want to take your Apple Spas.The scenario of the holiday, the following may be useful to you.

main objectives

Why spend all this activity?What good will make this holiday the kids?Why should you spend Feast in kindergarten?

try to answer these questions.First of all, so we are attached to our children moral and spiritual values, to get acquainted with folk rituals and customs, form in their souls interest in the cultural traditions of our ancestors.

In addition, during the festival, you can bring the kids to the interesting and important information about the beneficial properties of apples, teach them to take care of loved ones.

Beautifully legalize Hall

order to the hall where the celebration will take place, looked festive and smart, you need to decorate it with branches of apple trees with ripe fruits and balloons.You can also post on the walls of beautiful cards with apple saved.Bed on the floor homespun rug and towels on the table.The main decoration of the table - apples in baskets (baskets and other fruits, berries, and nuts) and a loaf of bread with the salt shaker.

decorative plates can be purchased in advance or paint them with the children.If possible, you can put next to benches and an old spinning wheel to make the layout of the Russian stove, adding interior decorative apple trees, pots and catch.After the feast Apple Spas is native Russian.It is necessary to find a record advance of Russian folk songs.

Home holiday

festival is held two presenters.

first driving (hereinafter B1):

Welcome our dear guests!Happiness and health to you!Our meeting today is a lot of fun and gives us all a lot of fun.After all, it is dedicated to the ancient Russian folk holiday.And the name of his beautiful - Apple Spas.It's time to harvest.And you know why in this day people celebrate Apple Spas?

second drive (hereinafter B2):

Holiday Feast - pagan.We celebrate it, when to start collecting the apple harvest.Each of the national ceremonies held that day was dedicated to the pagan gods, who were called of the Saviour.Previously, these hosts many celebrations, devoted their harvest each fruit or vegetable.It was impossible to eat the fruit unless it is consecrated in the church.

B1: Did you know that in addition to cider, there is also a nut and berry, honey and even save?

B2: And to celebrate this feast of the church began in the fourth century.Then St. Helen in honor of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor erected a temple.

B1: Feast - the most important of all.Are there any benefits to its occurrence no one was allowed.

Remember the sayings

Since we spend Feast in kindergarten, do not be amiss to remind the children of the people of wisdom, proverbs and sayings.Let leading in turn begin the expression, and the children end up.For example, you can use these.

B1: worm-eaten apple on the branch?

Children (hereinafter D) to the first wind.

B2: Apple from apple-tree?

D: does not fall far.

B1: Red apples?

D: wormhole is not a reproach.

B2: crooked tree?

D: Yes apples are sweet.

recited poems

Young children love to listen and talk poetry.Apple Spas - this is the day when it is appropriate.You can declare competition.

B1: I'll tell you a poem that I came up with.

When the tear off apples peek at dawn,

the feeling that the childhood lives in me again.

fences and clearing grass and fog,

and an apple in his hand, and the terms of the head.

And you know the beautiful poems about apples?Come tell us!Who better to tell me, that gift reward.

course, hurt the children we do not, and every child "win" and will receive a small souvenir.It may be, for example, key in the form of apples or apple postcards saved.

talk about fairy tales

All the details you need to think in advance.It depends on how the scenario will develop festive.Feast for children must not become yet another banal pop stars, and interesting and memorable event.Therefore, we can offer the children together to remember all the fairy tales or cartoons in which they found mention of apples.Nearly all children know works such as "Sleeping Beauty", "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf", "Geese-Swans" and so on.Most often, kids, remembering their favorite characters, much enlivened and enhanced the festive atmosphere.


This is one of the most interesting moments of the festivities.By the way, do not forget about the quiz, even if you are developing a script Feast for adults.In this kind of competition is not only like to engage kids.

B2: Apple - this is my most favorite fruit!So I want to spend the quiz, which will ask you questions related to this juicy, tasty useful fruit.

Coming up with questions, do not forget that you are asking them to be children.And here are some questions that could be included in the quiz organized for adults:

  1. on Newton's head, as you know, an apple fell.What law he then opened?Answer: universal gravitation.
  2. Who was the composer of the famous song "Apples in the snow?A. Moore.
  3. cartoon "bag of apples all remember?Who was the main character?Answer: Hare.
  4. Who wrote the story "Antonovsky apples"?A. Bunin.
  5. name of the fruit is transferred to the Dutch as a "Chinese apple"?Answer: Orange.
  6. What was the name of the goddess of ancient Greece, which received a "bone of contention"?Answer: Aphrodite.


No holiday is complete without a contest, and especially Apple Spas.The scenario of the holiday must include them in yourself.And it is not important who will participate in them - children or adults.Here are a few entertainment options that suit and those and others.

  1. Divide holiday guests into two teams.In different parts of the room set up two baskets.One empty and one filled with apples.The winner is the team that will transfer the apples.You can specify in advance that one person at a time can move only one apple, but you can (especially if large basket) allow to claim for any amount of time.
  2. guests again divide into teams.There may be more than two.Seated members of each team - you can form a circle or a chain.The task - to pass an apple from the first to the last party, without using hands, using only his nose or chin.
  3. For this competition you need to pre-buy 2 jigsaw puzzle, which depicts the apples.The winner is the team that will gather the correct image of the first.
  4. Finally, entertainment, known to all.Two participants compete to see who of them will eat the apple, which is hung on a string.Hands to use, of course, impossible.

Solve my riddle

So our kids have fun celebrate Apple Spas.The script of the competition can be completed, in which children will solve riddles leading.Below we give a few examples.Do not forget the complexity of the puzzles is dependent on the age of the children.

1. Red beads hanging

us from Bush look!

very fond of these beads

Mezhvezhata.Well, kids!

Answer: Raspberry.

2. On my green coat.

I round like a ball.

I'm sweet like sugar.

Inside I as a beet.

answer: Watermelon.

3. Get difficult.

Bite impossible.

around everything went smoothly,

And in the middle of a sweet.

Answer: Walnut.

4. When sleep, I will be fragrant.

I'll rosy gold.

And the taste of honey, sweet was given to me,

vitamins and a suitcase.

Answer: Apple.

Everybody Dance

What festivities without song and dance?We invite you to dance in Feast.The scenario of the holiday can also include a dance program, and driving round dances, and Russian folk songs, and so on.

Of course, it is desirable to think ahead.Perhaps the children learn a Russian folk dance, or learn a song.In addition, if possible, children can dress up in special costumes.It is not necessary to load the holiday performances of professional actors, dancers and singers.Any event takes place much more fun and memorable for a long time, if all the participants of the celebrations are taking part in it.

Apple Fair

Well, that is about to end our holiday.What will be a good ending?The complete our Apple Spas?Script actions may include the Holiday Fair.

natantsevalis When all the guests, ate and drank, they can be invited to a separate set table.He put up a variety of dishes prepared by the children themselves or their parents.If the festival there are only children, you should not sell food for real money.

can, for example, to distribute during the contests and quizzes children beautiful wrappers.They also then be used as a "bargaining chip."By the way, if you report it to the children in advance, but they will be even more pleased to participate in all the festivities.Because then you can buy a lot of good things!


course, presented to your attention a scenario is not only right.Be creative and add new competitions, replacing old.Children are learning poems, songs, folk songs, etc.Invent new entertainment.Let the holiday spirit does not leave you as long as possible.