The husband changes his wife.

Today, unfortunately, no surprise situation where a husband changes his wife.Some are surprisingly tolerant of such behavior, considering that representatives of a strong half of mankind are by nature polygamous creatures.Someone even for a second did not intend to put up with this state of affairs.Today we try to understand why their wives change husbands.Also learn how to check whether your favorite is true, and what to do when he became interested in another woman.

Some statistics

Scientists have conducted large-scale research to find out what percentage of men change wives.The results were not very comforting.So, it turned out that about 74% of Russian men who are married or cohabiting, even once entered into an intimate relationship on the side, while 40% do so regularly.The experts also concluded that, on average, these novels last about three months.During this time, adulterers about 7-10 times enter into an intimate relationship with his new partner.However, every fourth husband fools arou

nd much longer.Their stories can last from one to several years.Most often over the years of marriage men experience several of these relations.

In addition, experts have concluded that the treason, the betrayal of all the reasons for becoming less separation of the spouses.If about 40 years ago, a similar situation was perceived by women as a terrible tragedy, and in most cases ends in divorce, many couples today are trying to work together to address these problems and try to keep the family together.

Why men cheat their wives?

Psychologists believe that from such a situation is not insured neither married couple, regardless of the number of children and lived together years.Therefore, in order to prevent such a development, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity needs to know the main reasons why the husband changes his wife.

natural instincts

this reason, perhaps, is the most common.The fact is that very often by men start to go "left" because of the instincts inherent in their nature: they are trying to compare women to find the best.Betrayal of this kind have nothing to do with love.Therefore, legal spouses of men who are fond of fleeting novels tend to worry for your marriage is not necessary.

emergence of dangerous circumstances

Often husband cheating wife, going on a business trip, on vacation, on a long trip or a bachelor party.Suddenly feeling of freedom, leaped hormones, and often alcohol can put bold cross on marital fidelity.

family routine

This reason is equally important not only for men but also for women's infidelities.So, often after 10-15 years of marriage the couple no longer ignore the appeal and advantages of each other.And if all this is added a uniform and routine family life, spiced with regular quarrels, infidelity is becoming virtually impossible to avoid.


This cause is very rare, but such situations do occur.It happens that, after living for many years with a woman, a man realizes that he really was not attracted representatives of the opposite sex.In this case, the deceived wife did not even try to save the marriage.

test her husband's infidelity

Very often, many women did not suspect their husbands of infidelity.This betrayal is revealed either by accident, or if a man decides to divorce and officially withdraw from the lawful wife.In this regard, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity needs to know about a few alarm "bells" that can act harbingers of adultery.

signs of her husband's infidelity

First of all it is necessary to be vigilant, if your spouse started to very carefully monitor their appearance: stylishly dressed, using expensive cologne, often shave and go to the barber shop, and so on. D. That is all, of course,little things, but they should not be ignored.Also be wary if your favorite has become too attentive towards you.It is possible that there is no catch here, but there is a possibility that he feels guilty for what he did and why attempts to encircle the legitimate spouse with care and affection.

signs of infidelity can be a husband and a sharp appearance in his life, new friends, with whom he spends a lot of time, but for some reason you are not familiar with.It is also suspected to be caused by excessive load at work, almost forcing your spouse spend the night at the office.Of course, everything can be perfectly innocent, and your husband is just a career, but there is a risk that this is not so.

Another suspicious point is a change of habits.For example, your husband suddenly quit smoking, began to eat other foods, or prefer, for example, before they unloved brand of wine.It is likely that such changes his mistress pushes.

Virtually no need to test for her husband's infidelity, if from your family budget suddenly began to disappear without a trace money or spouse became to spend more time on their earnings.It is necessary to give a lover of flowers, gifts, take her to restaurants and so on. D.

If you confidently say to yourself, "I suspect her husband of infidelity" - something so as not to exhaust yourself in vain experiences, you must try to find out the truth.To do this, first of all, pay attention to how your spouse talking on the phone.After all, if he is constantly coming out to talk to the other room, it is likely that he has something to hide.For greater certainty, and you can check the contents of his phone.Perhaps he does not remove the information about calls and keeps it nice SMS messages.In addition, pay attention to your husband's car.Look carefully Salon: if a spouse uses a machine to meet a lover, you are sure to find lost hair, sequins, shawl or other evidence.

One of the clear evidence of infidelity men are strangers hair on his clothes, women's perfume fragrance strangers, barely noticeable mark on the cheek of lipstick and so on. D. Do not forget that all the fairer sex like to give gifts to your loved ones.Some men would not bring it home, some also will issue new tie or sweater for a present from friends or work colleagues.Therefore, the appearance of your spouse such gizmos should be alerted.

Do not forget that today, many novels begins on the Internet.So if your husband began to spend long hours of correspondence, be sure to try to find out who is his companion.

If you seriously suspect your spouse of infidelity, but you can not prove anything, look closely to their own girlfriends, neighbors, as well as to his colleagues female.After all, most men enter into relations with representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, which is well-known.

So, as we can see, options for how to check her husband's infidelity, quite a lot.But what if the result was positive, and you found out that your spouse is unfaithful to you?

How to survive her husband's infidelity

Of course, the first reaction of any woman, faced with such a betrayal by a spouse, is a huge insult, shock and the desire to break all relations with the impostor.Often, the fairer sex fall into real depression, causing them to need help of a psychologist.If you need to change her husband's calm down and try to take a sober look at the situation.Of course, this is not always easy.But the main thing in that situation, they say, are not breaking anything.

forgive any betrayal of her husband?

unequivocal answer to this question can be given.After all, a woman should decide for itself whether or not to continue the relationship after her husband's infidelity.If your spouse does not yet know that you are aware of his "dirty" dealings, try as much as possible to consider the situation calmly.Analyze the behavior in this situation, because he might by all means to conceal his infidelity, not to hurt you, which, of course, is small consolation, however, shows his concern and desire to remain close to you.Also, think of the years lived together, what was good and bad?Think about what the reasons might encourage your husband to go "left."Perhaps you are inadvertently pushed him to take this step.

Talk to your spouse

Try as much as possible quietly, without shouting and tantrums, discuss the situation with her husband.If the spouse offers to divorce, as has long been in a relationship with another woman he loves, it does not make sense to try to keep him near her strength.But what if he repent of their deeds, and says that never in the future will not repeat a similar mistake?Of course, the question of "whether to forgive her husband's infidelity?" Every woman responds differently.Still, we should carefully think things through before you break the long-term relationship or, alternatively, once again believe a man who regularly deceive you.

How to build its relationship with the spouse after his infidelity?

If you could forgive the infidelity of her husband, in the future you must try to do everything possible to this situation is not repeated.First of all, never reproached her husband what had happened.Also, do not waste your time and nerves thinking about former rival.Even if she is younger, slimmer and more attractive you, then it does not matter, as the victor in the end turned out to be you.

to revive the old relationship, experts recommend finding a spouse in common: for example, engage in a common hobby.Also a good idea is a joint vacation.

Take care of your home.Buy beautiful dishes regularly to restore order and prepare the husband delicious lunches and dinners.In this case, it will always be sure that the house of his love and expect, and he did not want to go over to the side.Take a

.Pay attention not only to her husband and children, but also to his beloved.Visit beauty shop, go to the gym, buy nice clothes and jewelry.Your spouse will appreciate that his beloved wife looks great.

How to avenge an adulterer?

Unfortunately, many women who have experienced infidelity of her husband, trying to answer the same.In a burst of emotion such a thing seems a good way of revenge, but then it is necessary to greatly regret.So do not act like an adulterer, because it can punish another way.For information on how to punish her husband for treason, and talk on.

One common and quite effective option is classified adulterer boycott.Do not wash his clothes, do not prepare food for him and all kinds ignore it.Of course, there is a risk that a man gets angry and go away from you, but maybe it would be better, because you're not a maid, a legal wife.

next option is very effective, but quite difficult.Try to dumbfound spouse: Keep calm and even fun, you can make fun of his betrayal.After all, he was expecting a completely different reaction on your part.Any man in this situation is confused, begins to harass a conjecture about the cause of your behavior, and will also make every effort to return your love and restore peace and harmony in the home.

also as a very pleasant option places you can just take them.If you really want to "blow off steam", the pokrichite, beat the dishes.However, it is best to begin to meet more often with close friends and friends, visit the beauty salon, work out, take a trip, after all, a vacation without a spouse.Your spouse will see that underestimated you, and what you can do well without it, and will do everything possible to win back your location and attention.