What province?

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word "province" in the Russian language has several meanings, and because of this some people value it is not entirely clear.For example, what is the province in Russia?Typically, this word has several derogatory, derisive value and is associated with a small town or small town.

All that is not capital

residents of the capital of the Russian Federation says that the province - is "all that is not Moscow", and his friend Peter complement the definition of reference to his hometown.Although Moscow is populated mostly residents of different "provinces", the Muscovites believe that in their hometown, "come in large numbers" and the full right to live in the Russian capital has only a native Muscovite.Of course, this view is too chauvinistic to reckon with him, so the so-called people of the province continued to arrive in the big city in search of happiness.In other cultures, the question "what is the province 'answer very differently without either negligent or arrogant tone or suspicious overtones.

Province in history

Initially this word meant in the territory of ancient Rome, which administratively subordinate to him and were outside the peninsula.They are controlled by the governors and actually considered foreign.Understand what the province can, if we look at the Latin language.There is an opinion that the word is derived from the Latin verb vincere, which means "to take something to / anyone governance", and particle pro, which means "in the name."In such here the whole province was divided Roman Empire, however, the central authority of each of them is still considered Rome.Thus originally this word was not founded semantics of a certain scale territory, because it meant a form of government rather than the views of the territorial unit.Perhaps it is because of this difference between the past and the modern interpretation and not everyone understands what the province.Determining a bit blurry, depending on your point of view to his approach: the historical or geopolitical.

We are so different but still we are together

In today's world, many countries divide their territories into provinces.One of the most striking examples - it is Canada.Their operation is very similar to the control of the United States of America: All Canadian provinces are subject to a common constitution, however, have the right to form their own local governments, and there are abstracted from the federal government.It explains what province in Canada, is very simple: it is a separate small state that is subject to the general law for the whole country, but it has a lot of authority within their territory.For example, the province can create their own laws, but ignore the ones that have already been made to the constitution, they have no right.In Canada there are English and French-speaking province, with some French-speaking inhabitants of the regions believe that the French language in Canada is inhibited.It's strange, because Canada has two state languages.

Irish province and cultural identity

Also on the territory of the province of the country is divided Irish.They existed before, but then called the Tuatha that Old Irish means "people", "nation" or "tribe".As you can see, the cultural identity of Ireland has kept to this day, though would prefer to pay tribute to fashion and to give their tuath provinces.So what is the province of the country's ethnic Celts and the elves?Earlier in Ireland, there were only five, but later a small Meath was included in Leinster.Thus, the four provinces have been formed on the territory of modern Ireland.They are not as different from each other as in Canada, but a resident of a particular province can be identified by the use of distinctive accent or dialect words.The capital of Ireland, Dublin, located in the province of Leinster, Munster Province but exceeds it in size.

United States and the United Provinces

Another good way to reveal the concept of "province" - it is clear that such a state.The province is not much different from him, but for some reason, prefers a smaller part of their territory to share it to the states.The most famous states - is, of course, those located in North America.US includes in its membership to 50 states.Also, this administrative unit exists in Australia, India, Brazil, Venezuela and some other countries.This is considered the largest state of Texas (USA), where nearly 27 million people.In the US, the origin of man can be identified by his accent, just as is the case with Canada and Ireland.Among Americans spread out a huge number of jokes concerning cultural differences between residents of different states, but in general it can be called a nation united, as the mentality of its citizens is almost the same.