Card to a beauty contest.

beauty contest judges evaluated not only the appearance of the figure of the contestants, but also its creative and intellectual abilities.So how well written story about yourself, the victory depends member.

Card at a beauty contest with something similar to advertising.That is a well-matched and properly filed information, which focuses on the merits of participants.

Card contest "Miss Beauty"

There are generally accepted norms, which is based in creating a story about themselves.Business card beauty contest should not be too long.Performance may take a maximum of 15 minutes.Be sure to include your name, surname, first name and age.Tell us about your hobbies, interests, goals, which are going to achieve in life.

If you have already had to participate in these activities, specify in what it is.Here we must mention the number of awards received, how many times is the winner and which titles were assigned (if any).Tell us about your modeling experience.

card for a beauty contest for girls may contain additional information, if the participant has to state that, in addition to the above requirements.

Instructions for creating

decide to start with style.This may be an autobiographical poem, a song or a specially created an interesting story.There are several methods of presentation of information: the traditional presentation where a participant seriously and succinctly tells about himself, presented the jury with jokes hilarious verse.

Most girls choose music to accompany the presentation.Admitted: the song about the city, which comes from a participant;Connect a few verses of different songs that can best characterize it;classic (Bach, Mozart).

members of the jury will be interesting to see the video of the participant created.You can make a slide show, which will be used photos that characterize you as a versatile man.The video presentation is sometimes indicate sights of his native city, and pick the appropriate image to it.

Card at a beauty contest should be structured, in order to mention all the important information.It should have an introduction, main part, and a logical ending.

All items

The first part of the mandatory information is indicated, and in the second half, you can mention your marital status, presence of children (if any).These data will give you the weight of the eyes of the jury.Also indicate the city of birth and education.

Interesting facts from childhood make the story more exciting.Especially if at that time there was a situation that will affect your future, I determined the choice of profession, gave perseverance have left a mark on the future life.However, remember the negative stories is not necessary.

Open part of his soul to the people who will decide your future.Tell them about what is most important to you.Tell us about your achievements and why you decided to take part in the competition.

report should contain the words of gratitude to parents and to all those who contributed to your development as a person: the curator of a modeling agency, a teacher of ballet, who brought in your commitment, and so. D.

can call upon all present to support youin this contest, and thank the judges, that they took the time out to evaluate the ability of all the contestants.

Card girl on a beauty contest is no different from the presentation Man.

instance judges

In all competitions there is one rule: each member of the jury should get a small example.These may be the words written by hand font on unusual beautifully designed piece of paper.They can also be typed on the computer and then print.

allowed card at a beauty contest in the digital medium.It is not recommended to give people the usual white envelopes.Pick an interesting pattern, print and make it interesting for the packaging of the disc.

Card at a beauty contest to stand out from all the other presentations.Due to quality execution of the story the jury may choose a girl whose story is well remembered.

more fantasy

Judges - are ordinary people, who have their own interests and passions.They can and should be passionate about their business card.Be creative, experiment, invent new innovative solutions, in general, do anything to draw attention to themselves as smart and interesting girl.After all, a business card - it's not a strict account of his biography in chronological sequence, as a way of expressing his inner condition and outlook on life.On how fun you bragging rights depends your success in this event.