How many areas in Russia?

the Russian Federation has a fairly complex administrative-territorial structure.This is due to huge areas, and multi-ethnic population, a part of which consists of 180 people.These include both indigenous (autochthonous, aborigines, natives) peoples and settlers who arrived in the new land under some changes in the state.In addition, the territorial reorganization of the country is greatly influenced by industrial and economic development of areas lying near the opening of new fields and many other factors.

Causes division

To answer the question of how many regions in Russia, it is necessary to consider all of the federal structure of the country, why is it not only consists of the areas, or why they are present in the composition together with other territorial units.

Vast expanses of Russia assumed the leading role of regional division.Many factors influence the formation of administrative, territorial and municipal entities, primarily ethnic, economic, political.Often the structural division of the country is dictated by the improvement of the system of local government.There unitary state, federation, confederation (union of states).The goal of optimal federated structure of the Russian Federation - the creation of the best conditions for successful economic development of individual regions and the country as a whole.

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On the question of how many Russian regions can be answered as follows: the Russian Federation contains in its composition of 85 subjects (6 species), of which 46 are called domains, in addition there is one autonomousarea 22 republics, 9 territories, 3 federal cities and 4 autonomous districts.All these regions are included in the 9 federal districts.Now all the actors in the legal sense is not very different from each other.

Areas most

was indicated above, many regions in Russia.They were 46. They existed in the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire.In the old days they usually called the newly annexed land.The name was temporary, and in the concerned areas have always been forces that have these territorial units located mainly in the border area of ​​the Empire.

How many regions in Russia was before the revolution?We must remember that as a part of the country were then Finland and Poland.At the time, except in the provinces of Russia, there were 22 area.In the Soviet Union there were 86 (including all of the country).Asked how many areas in Russia, if you have in mind Soviet Russia, you can answer - they were 35.

continuous process of territorial structure

territorial units at all times modify, abolished the province, introduced the governorship and vice versa.Particularly active process began to develop soon after 1917.Since the restructuring of the administrative-territorial structure of the state is not terminated.Selected the best options that will strengthen the federal government to give more freedom and strengthen the responsibility of local authorities to strengthen the integrity of the state.Most of territorial units is described in the European part of our country, but the biggest area in Russia - Tyumen - located in Siberia.Larger territorial units of the type - Arkhangelsk, Irkutsk, Amur region.

autonomous regions

first autonomous region for the first time appeared in the borders of the Russian Federation, then in the Soviet Union there were several.How many autonomous regions in Russia?A single Jewish Autonomous Region with the capital Birobidzhan, formed in 1934.The territories in the south-east of the country were provided to immigrants who have never constituted a majority of the population in the area.After the exodus of the Jews to Israel in the autonomy remains no more than one percent.The question of the abolition of the region and accession to the territory of any of the Amur region, or to the Khabarovsk Territory.But the remaining small part of the population actively protested against the decision.The issue is under consideration, which suggests that the process of territorial reorganization of the country is.

list of regions in Russia may be represented by Federal Districts, which in the country after the Crimea was 9. They were formed in 2000 and are the subjects of the federation.They are akin to the military districts.

regions and districts

in the Central District of the Russian Federation consists of 16 regions.Northwest division has a membership of 7 regions of this type.Only three out of 46 belong to the area of ​​South unification.In the North-Caucasian and again attached the Crimean region of the Federal District are not included at all.

Privolzhskoye unit has 8 regions.Ural Branch belong to 4 structural units of this type.For Siberian Federal District are 5 areas.Sakhalin, Magadan and Amur - all three areas are on the vast territory of the Far Eastern Federal District.But it is quite large administrative units.

area, as the region, can not go to other regions, in addition, they have their own statutes.Edge earlier meant for a large space, but now some of the larger areas, such as Chelyabinsk, Leningrad, exceed their size.The only significant difference - the prerequisites of this.Republic differs from both in that it has its own constitution, the language, a number of local laws and privileges.

The term has several interpretations - it's a place where anything is or common a phenomenon.For example, pain in the heart, or permafrost, or high blood pressure.The area is called the administrative and territorial unit of the state.Furthermore, it may be some space, part of the country, for example, an area beyond the Ural Mountains.