Monograph - this is a short treatise

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monograph - is a scientific work, written in a book.In this in-depth study undergoes one or several so closely related to each other.Monograph itself refers to the genre of science fiction.It gives a synthesis and analysis of the literature on the selected topic under study.When writing a monograph, as a rule, put forward new hypotheses, concepts and theories.All of them are aimed at the development of science.The creation of scientific work is often accompanied by an extensive list of refined library literature.This indicates the entire list of publications used.The text of the monograph can be various notes which explain its content, or link to the primary sources from which information was taken. Russian standards

monograph - is the scientific creation, the author of which can not be one person, but the whole team.The name itself indicates the narrow focus of work and describes the specifics of writing.According to state standards, which controls the publishing industry (and it GOST 7.60-2003, p., a monograph - a popular science or scientific publication that contains the full and complete investigation of a topic or problem that belongs to one authoror more.The number of man-made pages in no way regulated, since the book is a scientific work.But the traditional size, which is considered a classic, is the amount of text of 120 pages of A4, which was written 14 font called Times New Roman with half interval.Thus, the approximate volume of the monograph is about five printed pages.Before the manuscript will be published in book form, the scientific work is in the process of reviewing.

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Review of the Monograph held employees specialization profile of which coincides with the theme of the written work.Also required is the presence of inspectors from the master's degree.This information specialist who deals with peer review, listed in the final output data publication.

believed that the review of the monograph should be prepared by several experts.However, if the publication does not list the names of its reviewers, it can not be considered scientific work.Among modern scholars made absolutely any work on the study of certain specialized topics, which was conducted for quite a long time to finish writing this work.

This monograph is a book or other publication contains a detailed description about the methods of research.It also presents the results of the work and their interpretation.In some cases, a monograph - a supplement to the dissertation, which is used in the defense of academic degree.

In scientific circles quite highly valued such work.The monograph is a custom-made book publishing, which consists of one or more volumes.The number of sections is limited.This monograph is distinguished from other serial publications, such as magazines or newspapers.