10 ways to make an effective resume

sending your CV, you should consider some principles of business ethics and psychological nuances.
There are several effective methods that will help to increase the response of employers.

1. Do not use the summary rare or curly fonts.They simply can not be in the program settings from the hiring manager.And then your resume will look like gibberish.Use plain text.The best option - Times New Roman.

2. If you send resume by e-mail in the subject line, specify who is sending - for example: Anna Ivanova (CV).This gives the manager the ability to staff as needed to quickly find your letter, among others.

3. If you use the summary picture, edit it in a graphics program, to reduce it in volume.

4. Do not use e-mail or type [email protected] [email protected] can talk about your carelessness.Sign up for the job search a separate e-mail type [email protected]

5. Sending resume only at a particular position, a single address.Do not do a mass mailing to all employers at once.HR Manager will draw conclusions not in your favor, seeing that your resume sent to several other companies.

6. Use only for compiling editor Word.Very often, personnel managers resume editing applicants in accordance with the standards of the company.But not all of them are able to work in Excel or other programs.The easiest option for them - just remove your resume and do not spend time on editing.

7. The text of the summary does not describe their physical data, do not specify recommended.It is better to write: is ready to provide on-demand.
not indicate the reason for leaving the other places of work, not be required to pay.

8. not archived resume - the optimum size of 100-150 KB.If the size is more reduced.The time spent on decompression, can cause irritation of the personnel, especially if there will be several candidates.

9. In summary, there should be no errors - no spelling or punctuation - the existence of such will not add you to the pros.
so check all the more so in Word has an automatic check of the text.

10. Volume resume should not exceed 1 page.Maximum - 2 pages, but it must be reasonable.

Articles Source: bposd.ru