Jade - the properties of the stone and its importance.

In this article we will talk about the mineral called jadeite.The properties of the stone, its price, decorations, colors - all that we describe below.Start, perhaps, it is necessary to order that the jadeite itself is very rare, moreover, it is very similar to Jade.Moreover, they are in souvenir shops under one name.

But the man in the street would not be able to distinguish itself from jadeite jade.Often used in Russia jadeite stone properties for a bath is ideal for lovers of the rest.In any case, fashionistas will appreciate the refined decoration of this bright green mineral.

Jade.The properties of stone and history

Its history dates back to the Stone Age.This is evidenced by a few copies of the tools found by archaeologists.Maya and Aztecs worshiped him more than gold.But the colonizers from Europe did not immediately appreciated jadeite.Properties stone has long been a mystery to people.In the XVI century jade was used masters in China.

to his imported from Burma and made souvenirs.That is, contrary to popular opinion, the birthplace of jade - not China.But modern Chinese people today appreciate the properties of ornamental stone.Made of jade art samples of Buddhist symbolism, particularly the rosary.In Russia, we learned about it only in the XIX century.Now jadeite and jewelry out of it are very popular.Together with jade, but it called "jade," it is in the top 10 jewels.By the way, very much like jadeite and nephrite.

difference is not visible to each master.Until the XIX century they were used at all as one and the same mineral.But they differ in chemical composition and crystal structure.Externally, they are distinguished by the brilliance and hardness.According to these criteria jadeite surpasses its counterpart.Nevertheless, the difference between jadeite and nephrite (the difference between what is) - you do not say a philistine.Even many masters in the eyes did not immediately identify where a stone.

Jadeite is of volcanic origin.He has a rich palette of colors ranging from light green to black or blue.For the manufacture jewelry often uses a translucent green.Deposits can be counted on the fingers of South America, Burma, Kazakhstan and Russia.In the latter has long been established: jade - stone baths.This evolution of functions caused by its properties.

Price stones and jewelry from him

Jade - stone, the price of which is far from small.It is considered quite expensive.Depending on the variety (three), and its cost varies: the stones of the first grade can be estimated on a par with emerald.The cheapest - crushed, its price per 1 kilogram ranges from 3-4 dollars;polished will cost from $ 20 for the same weight, and the ground - all from $ 140.However, this does not prevent its widespread use.First, the stone used in the manufacture of women's jewelry.Most of jadeite jewelry suitable for women aged.

minerals has long been attributed to the properties of amulets.And the jadeite is no exception.He is credited with the ability to influence the weather.Consider the properties of jadeite below.Mascots of this stone would protect the wearer from bad energy, it will warn of bad deeds.Pendant can help elevate thought.In China, it symbolizes purity and longevity.

However, not everyone can get the power of jadeite.Cancers, Pisces, Scorpio and Capricorn are not compatible with it.But to the Virgo and Libra he favors.

Healers of all ages talk about anti-aging properties of this mineral.The Spaniards treated their kidneys, and the Greeks - the eye.Jade helps to harmonize the mental state of the person.Stone pink to help cope with pain in the heart, and white - to strengthen the protective function of the body.People with abnormal rhythm of the heart or high blood pressure healers recommend wearing zhadeistovye necklaces or bracelets.These properties jadeite has due to its structure.

Complementary therapies

Stone Therapy - another way to use this mineral.She enjoyed even thousands of years ago the Chinese Empress.Hot stone massage has a positive effect on the body.To clean jadeite after a massage from the negative energy, it is necessary to hold it in salt or under running water.

increasing popularity acquire jadeite sauna.Under the influence of high temperatures releases useful mineral ions, and high strength makes it possible to use it for a long time.Here's a he, jadeite.Properties stone allow wide use in many areas.

chemical properties of stone

Jade - a rare mineral.It belongs to the group of alkaline pyroxene.In appearance, he is semi-transparent, and in color - from light blue to green apple color.Painting is often a divorce.

word "jade" (from the Spanish. Pietra de la jada) means "stone colic."It is believed that wearing it with you helps get rid of renal colic."Tremolite" - the English name of the mineral.It comes from deposits in Val Tremolo.And in China, where jade is popular for thousands of years, came up with the name of the mineral each color.

in this eastern country, he is a symbol of long life.Legend has it that the mineral can keep the dead body from corruption.Perhaps that is why in the state found the bodies of many tombs in the "clothes" of jade.This stone exchanged bride and groom as a sign of engagement.According to the theory of Tao, a mineral support harmony between the feminine and masculine.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the jade was popular as a material for the manufacture of souvenirs and mascots far beyond the fields.


Jade stone symbolizes purity and equanimity.But apart from these, the most important, the properties, sometimes it was thought to attract love and success, to influence the people who faced with a choice.Keep jade stone in his right hand, negotiating for traders considered the key to the deal in their favor.Workers took the land to work the mascot of it or bury his pieces around the field - so they asked for a rich harvest.

Magee using this mineral cast out evil spirits.Fans of gambling or horse racing also purchased jade as an amulet of luck.

addition to the treatment of the kidneys, he is able to help deal with the deposition of salts, eye diseases, unfounded fears.Everyday wear - the key to successful combat any malfunctions in the body, especially psychologically.The stone helps to get rid of negative traits, it becomes the owner of more loyal to others.

Wearing a bracelet of jade promises happiness and longevity.Donated by the spouses of the product will help them save jade tenderness of feeling for life.If people love couples, but prevent differences in the nature, come to the aid jadeite peacemaker.

Jade: stone properties for the treatment and magical manipulation

As already mentioned, jadeite and nephrite are very similar to each other.Both are characterized by the density structure and a high degree of hardness.This makes it possible to use them as a material for the thread.However, these stones are still different.People realized that after the discovery of America.The name comes from the words of jadeite pietra de jada, which means "rock side", as it is believed that he is able to neutralize the lumbar pain.Since 1863 the word "jade" began to be used as a scientific term.In mineralogy it introduced A. Demur.And the jadeite jade and belong to the class of silicates.They are easy to polish, which allows them to carry jewels within the top ten.

color stone colors may vary from white and pink to purple and blue.However, the most valuable to the jewelry industry - translucent green.Hue mineral gives presence of iron and chromium.Jadeite is found in China and Indonesia, Italy, Mexico and the United States, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Medicinal properties

Jadeite actively use the Tibetan and Chinese healers as a great power stabilizer.Qi energy that is inherent in the opinion of healers, this mineral is able to direct human bioenergetics in the right direction, to give it a charge of vivacity and normalize blood pressure.Wearing of stone helps to become more balanced, win infertility, regulate the heart and even protect against adverse weather events.With rings treat myopia and relieve eyestrain.

magical properties

special magical properties jadeite does not have, but it is believed that he is able to positively influence some chakra person.In particular, it corresponds to the heart chakra, which is responsible for compassion, respect and harmony between people.Also associated with the stone and solar plexus chakra, the influence of which extends to the digestive organs and vision.It controls the will of man.Most jade suits Virgo.