Business cards for the contest: the rules of preparation

Any mass creative event, which is attended by representatives of different groups or teams, not without the traditional "dating."Business cards are prepared for competition in accordance with the theme of the event, but their main task - to give a complete picture of the participants.In preparing the script of the "acquaintance" it is important to follow some rules, and then, regardless of the theme of the competition, you can make a vivid impression on the audience and the jury.

Use modern multimedia technology

Business cards for the contest - a creative or scientific - can be prepared in the form of presentations, slide shows or video.The advantage of this presentation is that it excludes the possibility of failure due to the unrest.Also, the participant has the opportunity to appeal to those skilled in the art to achieve the greatest effect.


funny card for the competition will be relevant if the format of the event allows.In most cases, a pronounced positive attitude contestants.Also, please note that a humorous paraphernalia: caps, wigs, masks and costumes - should be used sparingly, especially in intellectual competitions.Here, the best solution would be the use of such images as Harry Potter, Astrologer, wise owl or Smarty.

content and regulation

too long performance tires viewer.It is better to prepare a saturated five-minute show, which harmonizes the information, music and action.Therefore, choosing the best option for presentation, you must examine all the available scripts cards.The competition can make a program of performance or to choose the most spectacular moments from the archive and link them.


Even if allocated very little time to prepare for the event, you can always pick up a beautiful melody to accompany the monologue speech or presentation.The use of music will enhance the psychological impact on the audience with a small demonstration.At the competition of any creative direction will include appropriate elements into the script instrumental accompaniment.If you use music in a presentation, you must choose the optimal level of sound that will not detract from the basic information.


small laconic poem can diversify a small script.The contest, which involved one person, it is appropriate to include a positive quatrain:

perfect jury and grateful audience!

I had a chance today to captivate you!

Please, accept my efforts!

Let me do and surprise!

for team performances will approach the following poem, which should be divided between all participants, and the last word - all recite together:

Meet us merry with laughter!

Team name echoes our repeat!

Take us as we are,

And wish us to victory and success!