How to cook a hydrating mask for the chest?

masks diverse: they nourish, soften, smooth, firm, defatted, bleach and tone ... Depending on what ingredients are part of the mask, it can help to relieve irritation and cleanse the skin, hands or neck.

About how to cook a hydrating mask for décolleté, say little.In principle, this is understandable.Until recently, I also give this area quite a few times.The fact is that, to use a mask for the zone, you need to have special clothing (outdoor sundress or a topic, approach and broad towel, which can wrap).The mask is applied to the chest area is not very convenient, but necessary.After all, proper care depends on how long you can maintain their excellent form.

Thinking how to cook a hydrating mask for décolleté, we must not forget that the ingredients should be fresh and should select them based on the type of your skin.Particularly effective mask for décolleté immediately after a bath or shower.From exposure to steam the pores open and the skin receives more nutrients.During masking better to lie down and relax, the skin cleavage is stationary.Apply the mask comfortably sponge brush for makeup, sponzhikom or just hand (that require fewer funds).

If you have dry or normal skin, prepare a nourishing mask for décolleté can be cottage cheese, olive oil, carrot puree and milk.Mix products equally and carefully whisk mass.Put on chest area resulting mask and leave for 15 minutes.After removing the mask, first make a cold compress, hot and then cold again.Hold compress should be about a minute.Contrast compresses perfectly toned skin.

can cook nourishing mask from the berry juice (or puree).You will need: 100 grams of strawberries, 1 tablespoon chopped oatmeal (or oatmeal), 1.5 tsp lanolin (sold where offer everything for the production of soap).In a water bath, dissolve the lanolin and add oatmeal.Whisk the mixture until smooth, and then enter a strawberry juice (or strawberry puree).Apply on the skin chest and hold for about 20 minutes.

Now a few words about how to cook a hydrating mask for décolleté those who have oily skin.Take a raw egg whites, add a tablespoon of honey, the same amount of oatmeal and half a teaspoon of peach butter.Mix all the ingredients (whipping is not necessary) and apply the mask on the chest area.After 15 minutes, remove the first warm damp cloth, then cold.

You can use ready-made industrial masks and creams for the décolleté, and they can be a little bit improved.Take a tablespoon of fat cottage cheese and add to it the spoon to prepare nutritious cream.Apply the mixture on the chest area (you can on the skin).After 20 minutes, rinse with warm, then cool water.

What gives the woman's age?Of course, the skin in the neck.The skin is thin and delicate, so this zone need special care.Leaving a lot of options, so the excuses such as I do not work, are only excuses.It would be the desire and capacity to become beautiful and keep the youth a lot - both cheap and expensive.

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