How to connect a motion sensor to the light bulb.

Today, there are few who can be surprised by various innovations applicable in the arrangement of premises.It has long been practiced by the use of such a device, which is responsible for turning on and off lights when a person in the room.Despite the apparent complexity of the equipment, make it yourself can practically everyone, we need only to know all the nuances of this work and thoroughly implement all the recommendations of the installation.

is therefore necessary to consider in more detail how to install and connect a motion sensor lighting, as well as to deal with the structural features of the product.

Scope motion sensors

Previously purchased this device could only be for a lot of money, today almost anyone can afford to have such equipment at home.

Its installation is performed, as a rule, in the doorways of houses, buildings in a particular type, as well as in various enterprises that provide people with additional comfort and safety.

The main purpose of the motion sensor - the inclusion of the fixture with the appearance of man.Thus there is automatic operation, is responsible for actuating the whole system.Moreover, such a mechanism may be responsible not only for the inclusion of light, but sound the alarm, and so on. N. But then it will be discussed on how to connect a motion sensor to the light bulb.This is due primarily to the fact that this version of the device was the most widespread among the population.

Technical design features

external motion detector lighting takes the form of a small plastic box having a rectangular or circular shape.The device is also equipped with a small diameter hole, closed matte film.This plastic divider is called a Fresnel lens, and it is on its properties and is based the principle of operation of the sensor.Treat her to be very careful not to damage its integrity and does not disrupt the operation of the entire system.

Tracking the movement is made possible thanks to the infrared ray at the inner beam.In addition, the housing is also equipped with special legs, joints, through which you can change the position of the device.The records

sensor can on the wall, and by means of special auxiliary arm.Sometimes the body may have a button on and off, but there are samples, and without it, it all depends on the specific model and type of equipment used.

Types of motion sensors for lighting

To understand how to set in motion sensor, you must not only consider the information on its installation, and select the sample, such as the categories of equipment, there are several.So, there is a separation of these mechanisms, in accordance with the place according to the type of installation and alarm, but the two largest groups - sensors for street or outside, and the room (internal).

The principle of the samples for the street based on the calculation of the distance from instrument to the object.This option would be convenient for private houses with a large territory and the massive buildings of the administrative and economic nature.Some models require quality work spotlights, it is important to take into account when installing.

Room sensor can be plugged into any of the rooms, but when you use it is important to make sure that the climate was more or less stable, that is, without abrupt changes in temperature, otherwise the device may simply fail.

In addition, this equipment can be divided into the following categories:

  • ultrasonic motion sensors for lighting.It operates by reflection from surrounding objects ultrasound.This option is available at a cost, it is durable and easy to operate.
  • Infrared devices.Their operating principle is based on the sensitivity to changes in temperature.This means that when released into the radius of its coverage of the waves with a certain measure of heat light lights up automatically, and you can always set the required parameter, the mechanism did not work, for example, the appearance of the animal.
  • Microwave sensor is identical to the standard of their work locator.Device periodically transmitted signals having a specific frequency, whereby after their capture unit turns.These samples have some similarities with ultrasonic devices, but their cost is higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of equipment

In order to understand how to connect a motion sensor to control the light, of course, need to explore all the positive and negative aspects of such a device.And on the basis of these data to conclude whether or not to install it.

The advantages of this popular and convenient mechanism adopted include the following:

  1. low power consumption.With this sensor can not be afraid to forget about the need at all times to turn off the light, because this problem is solved automatically.
  2. Comfort operation.The use of this equipment will allow to avoid long searches the switch in the dark.
  3. high level of functionality.These devices are fully capable to do without wires, which makes their use more convenient.

However, this equipment has two major drawbacks:

  1. high price, so that its installation could not afford it.
  2. relatively complex installation process.The most important elements when deciding on how to connect a motion sensor - instructions and a diagram.Installation provides for certain skills of working with similar equipment, otherwise wise to seek professional help.

How to determine the location for mounting the device?

Before connecting the motion sensor light bulb requires careful approach to the choice of the place of its installation, which must be calculated so that the device always operates at the same time and did not react to foreign action.It should be a mechanism to protect against external interference, and to provide him with the normal operation of both the network and stationary.

Here it is crucial to remember that you can not mount the sensor near a radiator central heating pipe, next to the air conditioning and electromagnetic devices.

If the equipment is connected in the wrong place, it can respond to even minor fluctuations like swaying trees, or the movement of the perimeter of the house.It is therefore necessary to select a suitable site, where the unit will not carry out any thermal or other effects, and within range of its coverage will not be foreign objects that may affect its operation.

Setting motion sensor lighting

Any technical equipment used in everyday life, as we know, require presetting.Therefore, the question arises about how to install a motion sensor, initially it is necessary to adjust the machine so that it works as closely as possible.

usually connect these devices is carried out directly to the electricity network with a standard voltage of 220 V. Doing this should not be only in the case of the radio model, whose work is based on the use of batteries.

In order to facilitate the master a procedure such as the connection of the motion sensor, the circuit usually its installation is displayed on the surface of the device in the vicinity of pads for the terminals.

For the test, whether the equipment is functioning, you can pay attention to its display.If it burns, then nothing to worry about, but if not, you should set the machine differently.As a rule, it plays a role not only the flashing, but its frequency is increased in the event of a person within its range.

housing any of the instruments usually equipped with special knob, through which much easier to set up the work so that the electric power consumed in the minimum amount during the day, it is possible to establish the range of coverage of the sensor and so on.

Tools for DIY assembly motion sensor

Such an arrangement, if desired, can be designed and personally.This will require the following set of tools:

  • one-piece body (suitable basis for the old camera);
  • database management element type (can be purchased at specialty stores);
  • screws;
  • wire;
  • soldering machine;
  • screwdriver.

Then all the functionality of the sensor is required to collect the future, with many owners there is a question: "What is the wiring diagram of the motion sensor is the best?"In order to design and connection of the device passed without hassle, you must take into account the features of the device, specifications and, of course, the correct algorithm for the connection.Therefore it is necessary to understand in more detail the fact that such a present installation instructions.

Arrangement instrument

When performing a procedure such as the connection of the motion sensor, the scheme involves pulling the instrument three wires from the distributor box - this phase is zero and the third prong from the twisted switch with lamp.In this case, it is possible to short-circuit the mechanism to forcibly turned on and the light for a long time, even in the absence of motion.This is convenient, for example when working in a garage, when the repair of a vehicle of any movement is very small.This can be achieved despite the fact that virtually all such devices are equipped with the ability to control the length of the lamp after the receipt of a signal of the movement arisen in the coverage area of ​​the sensor.Typically, the connector apparatus has several symbols of which the main - L (phase), A (lamp), N (zero).

Connect the motion sensor lighting

Solving the problem of how to connect a motion sensor to the light bulb, you should take into account the following rules for their installation.

Connecting the device runs in the chain between the lamp and the switch assembly through two wires, disconnect both of these parts from each other.This means that the unit will be located between them.As a result, light will function element and the sensor, and from the switch.

happens so that it is necessary to mount a number of such mechanisms in a row, for example, in a warehouse.The scheme of the device is the same, but in this case, the wires should be placed around each of the bulbs separately.Alternatively, the core wire can go around from the switch, and the lamps are connected thereto chain.In this case, as the installation of the sensors is carried between the wires input and output of each bulb.

To install the most secure, the room must first be de-energized, the wiring must be cut in places where wires will be connected to a sensor, which, in turn, must be clean and twist together.After work, it is important not to forget to carefully roll up each of them with electrical tape.

Installation recommendations motion sensors

important to remember that the installation of any of these devices requires an individual approach, as the instruction for connection may be different, but the main thing here - to equip the unit in the place where his work will not be affected by extraneous signals.

When reasoning on the theme: "How to connect a motion sensor (lights) on their own," should take into account the following tips:

  1. For mechanisms with wires should be carefully choose the installation site, as such devices is not necessary to frequently move fromone place to another.
  2. Wise to mount an additional switch, both devices can be operated separately from each other.This will turn off the lights in a standard way.
  3. rooms with designer features, it is best to equip a mortise signaling device, which perfectly fit into the interior.
  4. Before purchasing the sensor should seek help from a counselor with the question as to what range of work has to have the device in a particular area.A good solution would be to connect the ceiling mechanism, almost imperceptible to the eye.
  5. is important to prevent the instrument to direct sunlight, otherwise the device may soon fail.

Following all these guidelines, you can rid yourself of the many difficulties.That's all.Now that you know how to connect a motion sensor to the light bulb.And this knowledge will help you to intelligently make hardware installation and ensure quality work over the long term.