Funny skits for the company: jokes, miniatures and fairy tales

great when played at the festival funny skits.For the company, slightly tipsy and unfettered, it will be interesting even to take part in an improvised humorous presentation.It is not necessary to prepare in advance the number, let it be based on improvisation.A funny skits for the company to select the best of all known works, slightly changing their story.

raffled anecdote - posmeshili honest people!

can offer such competition: teams of three people to play anecdotal funny skits.For a company of unfamiliar people, even such a task would not be very difficult, but it can quickly meet and make friends.Because we all know that nothing unites as a joint business, the more creative.The job may already contain detailed scenario hilarious skits, jokes, but can be made tentatively.For example: "Scene-an anecdote about an evil mother-and resourcefulness zyate" or "staged anecdote about a wise and naive Chapaeva Petka".and can be used at all funny pictures with a proposal to beat them in front of guests.

preparation for the contest funny miniatures

for playing ministsenok should pick up the necessary props.It can be scarves and hats, a variety of glasses (an old woman with an elastic band and superfashionable sun), false beards, mustaches, noses, cosmetics, umbrella, fishing rod, fishing boots, children's toy weapons (swords, swords, rifles, pistols, bows and arrows).However, the choice can be much broader, it all depends on what kind of funny skits for the company to come to mind artists.It is likely that they will need a children's tricycle or grandmother's knitting, skiing or basket to collect mushrooms.

Christmas Tale

Scene merry sure to please guests, if it basically will contain fairy magic story.For example, it may be "old tale of a goldfish with a modern twist."

Word from the author:

biznesledi-old woman lived with the young hubby
the sea, on the island of the Caribbean.
They lived in his luxury castle
Three years, three days and three nights.
old woman lived in a castle that arrivals,
same young kid - permanently.
leaving, the old lady punished ...

old woman:

you behave, Krotik my right!
Nechay privechali there no hitting anyone,
The lock call to the table but put.After all, a good
does not end,
Especially, since you will start to attract women.
I do not want to scare her Rybonka -
Never I will not do him any harm ...
But there are beings in the world of evil,
arrogant, cunning, jealous but greedy!
«Woman" Essentially what imechko -
That's who you should be afraid of a century!


said the old woman her kid,
modestly hanging his glazonki the ground ...


What are you, Mamic my puzipuzichka!You are my krasotulya


saying this, he patted the old woman on ... That
backside, then the fat belly!
At the same time winking eye
That servant, then shoferitse, the gardener.
But the old woman had left the island,
young kid ran to the sea.He began to click


Fish and fish!Quickly come swim here!
preprotivnaya old woman, my job again dumped!
New Year is absolutely on the nose,
Well you gift me, Fish, did!
wait for another minute or two, since not yavishsya - blame yourself!


sailed to his fish and asked ...


vopish What are you, kid, is not the case, then?
I prepared a gift to you.
Here, look ...


and ashore out!
And not a fish at all, and the girl!
Young, beautiful, statuesque!
old witch-biznesmenshe not a couple, lo and behold.
and said fish kid
These are the words of-recognition ...


Although fish I have, like, dumb,
and marine animals cold-blooded,
But I am not the concept of incorporeal -
female I, before the caressMale submissive.
You got me hug tighter, kiss my mouth hot -
and performed me everything that ask you -
come true desire at midnight New Year's ...

Curtain (two "workers scene" out, holding a stretched sheet or a piece of cloth).


So kid caught in a network rybii,
So he was led to false speech ...
Oh, he tried to love slimy fish,
Tu that only in appearance seemed sweet.
However, the guy that is not unusual:
He used to be sold for money.
then came the moment of joy for him,
When Rybka desire to fulfill its expressed readiness
.And he said ...

«Curtain is expanded" - go towards "stage workers" holding a length of fabric.


And I want, my beloved fish,
To my wife would have been younger than me,

Beauty there was indescribable!

And all the chattels, property
by my was ...

author (reads text and the actors portray, improvising):

grinned Fish zloradostno,
Showed kid fall toothy ...
At the same moment turned it into elder decrepit,
Elder decrepit, gray-haired and feeble.
The chair he was sitting wheelchair,
on the sea surface looked sad.
A girl young wife he was.
And true, loving - we do not knows.
only story that we all think,
repetitions, changed only a little.
Because New Year's night in
should desire to think wise.
Do not wish you a stranger so vile,
And ask good luck, good health!
And then the good wishes
not fail to be filled immediately!
and glasses full of wine though!
and smiling faces light up,
and fun in the house let settle!