Which is better to give a septic tank?

long since gone the days when as a dressing room with wood-detached building, as a rule, not smelling well.Today, the construction of new homes is usually carried out an autonomous sewer.Yes, and in the repair of old buildings are trying to reschedule the room so as to allocate a separate room under the bathroom.This implies a mandatory settlement on the territory of the area cleaner.

This immediately raises the reasonable question: "Which is better to give a septic tank?" After all, in today's market there are a number of possible options to choose from that are really difficult.However, before determining the unit for cleaning, it is necessary to consider the mode in which it will be operated.

Factors influencing the choice of septic tank

In determining what is better to give a septic tank, you should consider a few of the various factors influencing his choice.

paramount purpose of the home, whether it is round or just during the warm season.

In addition, it is necessary to calculate the average volume of about waste, which depends on the number of people living in the house.And the number of various sanitary units, such as the washing machine or dishwasher.

It is important to know the type of soil in the area where you plan to build a septic tank, it is necessary to justify the selection of treatment facilities.Will this cumulative septic tank or filtration system.You also need to know the depth and location of the passage of groundwater that drains do not accidentally poison the water in nearby wells and water intakes.Mobility soil also affects the shelf life of the septic tank, if the soil is prone to shifting of influence under ambient conditions container made of improper material quality and thickness enough soon unusable.

matters when choosing which one is best for septic garden, of course, and its cost, which can vary in the range 20000-500000 rubles.The more modern filtration system installed at wastewater treatment plants, the higher price for such a septic tank.

device septic

There are two main types of purification devices operating on completely different principles: the storage and cleaning septic tank.Which is good to give up to you, but first you must understand the fundamental difference of these species, and consider the pros and cons of each.

storage device, in fact, is an improved pit latrine, with all the consequences in the form of unpleasant odors.In addition, the capacity of the septic tank is limited, and the liquid nowhere to get away from it, it is necessary to control the consumption of water, washed into the pit.

Of the merits of such a device it is possible to note a very simple design, which provides easy installation.As well as more democratic than when purchasing.Such a septic tank, you can buy a small amount, even for 10,000-12,000 rubles.

Unfortunately, later operation of such septic tank requires a fairly high cost of the call scavengers and pumping the contents of the container.

As the customer reviews, everything for the site, which are only in the summer, it is better to choose a storage septic tank.What is good for the garden?Generally considered to be the optimal amount of up to 10 cubic meters.Depending on the size and capacity of the manufacturer, the cost of plastic septic tank is in the range 15000-35000 rubles.

septic tank with filtration system

Cleansing septic tank - is more expensive when buying cleaning device, but more economical in operation, since the correct installation of all components required vacuum trucks cause much less.In addition, you will be spared from unpleasant odors, and the volume of water consumed per day increases significantly.Basically, these systems are used for the cleaning operation in houses with permanent residence, where the volume of the waste quite significant.

water purification and decomposition of wastewater is carried out through the activity of anoxic bacteria (anaerobic septic tanks) or micro-organisms, which for normal life still require oxygen (aerobic treatment plant).

Therefore, choosing a septic tank for the garden (which is better for use in winter cottage or country house), guided by the conditions of its operation.Owners who already use this device, note that when a good isolation is preferable to choose an aerobic septic tank, although the cost of such treatment plants is quite high, ranging from 60 000 rubles.and higher.

How does the cleaning septic tank?

septic tank is a sealed container with a separate tank, passing the polluted water that goes through several stages of cleaning.The first section of the pre-screening occurs when the heavy fractions settle and the lighter float.In the second chamber continues advocating further purification takes place with the help of bacteria.In the last third compartment passes the final stage of cleaning, after which the clarified water is discharged into the ground, which is subjected to passing through the final complete filtration.

determine which one to choose a septic tank, what is the good, learn the filtration system in the tank.Today, the most popular have a septic tank, the biological filter element having a deep cleaning, which allows to filter water at 98%.

In the opinion, such a system requires virtually no call vacuum trucks, but the cost of such a septic tank reaches 500000-600000 rubles.

cleaning septic tanks Species

These differ in the septic tank filtration system performance and material capacity for sewage.

reservoir may be made of stainless steel.Surprisingly such a popular material in this case is not the best choice.

Firstly, expensive (about 120000-150000 rub.), Secondly, by the action of aggressive substances present in the contaminated water, even this material is subject to corrosion, which leads to rapid device failure.But he certainly did not emerge, and little susceptible to damage during the seasonal shifting of the soil.

concrete tanks

Such a septic tank is made of reinforced concrete, which for a long time used for arranging treatment plants due to its durability and reliability.The controversial choice as to install it need a lot of costs, both monetary and time.However, such an option is still popular among many in the solution of the issue: "septic tank, which is better?"- Feedback on the concrete fulfillment of the most positive.

Craft septic tank can be in two different ways.A simpler method, but requires the use of special equipment - is the installation of concrete rings required diameter.Either a cleaning device performing formwork and pour concrete solution in stages.Which is better to give a septic tank of the two options - you decide.

Plastic septic

good option - a plastic container, which is different from the democratic price of 50,000 rubles.and it has a fairly light weight, allowing yourself to mount the device in a short period of time.However, when installing such a device, there is one small caveat: it is thanks to its low weight it is necessary to strengthen the anchoring or simply concreted.Otherwise, after a certain time of the septic tank may seem on the surface.

These rules need to be guided by choosing a septic tank.What is good for the garden of the above options?Note the thickness of the walls of the tank, the presence of a stiffening rib and on the grade of polymer used for its production.

Choose a septic tank in volume

Returning to the question of the number of people living in the house, you must consider that the rules of the cleaner without problems must accommodate a number of waste produced in three days.To make it clear, let's calculate the volume of a septic tank for a family of four.

For the average water consumption per individual is considered to be the volume of 200 liters, so you will need four 4x200 = 800 liters per day.During the three days to spend and fall into the septic tank 800h3 = 2,400 liters.As the volume of cleaning devices shall be calculated in cubic meters, one unit is equal to 1000 liters, it turns out that for a family consisting of 4 people, you need a septic tank with 2.5-3 cubic meter.

Typically, these small structures have two cleaning chamber, which is enough for the full disinfection of water.Tanks having a volume of up to 1 cubic meter, usually have only one compartment, but more than 10 cubic meters require has three sections.

On what ground to be your cottage?

The answer to the question posed in the subtitle, depending which filter should be installed in the septic tank.

for loose friable soil, such as sand, it is sufficient to use a closed anaerobic septic tank to give as absorbency and filtering capacity of the soil is quite high.

If your site heavy clay soils, wetlands or peat soils, it is necessary to select a sealed structure with biological or biochemical treatment.The same applies to the version with a high groundwater table.If you do not, chances are that the entire contents of the septic tank after a certain time would be at your feet with all the consequences in the form of smell and dirt.

necessary to carefully choose the septic tank.Which is better to give, taking into account the specific type of soil on which she is?In some cases, you can adjust the terms of use.

If on the territory of a country site loam, this problem can be solved by performing additional backfill sandy soil, but it will require investments of unaccounted cash.

Effect of climatic conditions on the choice of septic tank

This factor should also be considered when choosing treatment plants as the soil affected by swelling under the influence of low temperatures can damage and destroy the septic tank.What is good to give to a septic tank in this case?

On reviews at large heaving soils is better to choose a concrete structure that is less susceptible to degradation.However, if properly insulate the septic tank, it is appropriate to use plastic containers, which can serve as year-round.At the same time filling the pit dug to the construction is carried out not ground, seized during the digging, and sand.

most famous manufacturers of cleaning facilities

today presented a sufficiently large number of different septic tanks from different manufacturers.So it makes sense to consider the most well-known brands of cleaning devices and identify septic tank, which company is best used in specific circumstances.

most widely represented in the Russian market cleaning device "Tver", "Tapas", "Topol", "Triton" and "Leader".Companies that manufacture products under these brands, produced, usually, cleaning septic tanks to testify.Which is better, "Tapas" or, for example, the "Leader" difficult to say, since each manufacturer has its own advantage.Choosing a particular brand, primarily focused on the conditions of its use and stop at the most suitable option, taking into account all the above discussed requirements for operation.To date, the best Septic Tank Review "Triton" and "Tapas", thanks to its affordable price in 20000-30000 rubles.of the storage device and 80000-90000 rubles.for the cleaning septic tank.What is the good? leave to you.