Why do people change each other?

When we start a new relationship, we are even afraid to imagine that the beloved may see another object of passion.However, according to statistics, 20% of family relationships at least once experienced betrayal.Until now, many women and men are trying to understand why people change each other.In fact, the reason may be a great many, it is much more important to know how to prevent such a situation in your life.

Why do people change each other?Do not rush to blame the partner!

If the situation is terrible, and the spouse you honestly try at this moment as much as possible to control their emotions.It is better to go somewhere for a couple of days to think calmly.Of course, the first reaction is anger, pain, anger, and that's fine.However, empty accusations will not help.Instead of suffering and agonizing torture of his soul, analyze your behavior in marriage.Try to understand what mistakes you are allowed, what was missing and that his partner was offended.Psychologists say that just for fun "goes to the left," the minimum percentage of men or women.The rest is in another partner or missing qualities acquire a sense of harmony and even love.It is easier to agree with the general belief that all change each other and reconcile.Rather, in this vein your marriage will last long if there is no financial dependence on partners.

Why do people change each other?Physical attraction

most powerful of all known human senses - is the desire to possess the opposite sex in sexual terms.No matter how we tried to fully master the reason over instinct, but man is inherently polygamy, so the physical attraction he feels occurring to many objects in its path.Often, the same problem faced by men who have lived for more than 10 years of marriage.Often, after marriage a woman ceases to look after themselves, giving their all creating comfort in the home and raising children, completely forgetting about her beloved husband.Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes.Remember, you can never forget about your appearance.And if you want to save the marriage passionate relationship, you need to make every effort in order to make a variety of intimate life.Another reason is considered to be a long period of abstinence, especially hard to cope with the challenge of the male population, so do not let a spouse in a lengthy trip.

Why do people change each other?The emotional factor

Typically, the ladies decided on such a serious step because of emotional hunger.If a man is stingy with compliments, constantly busy with work and free time to spend with friends, the woman does not feel its demand.She subconsciously begins to look for the person who fill the gap, among the entourage.And then the man disappointed in love and in life, because she changed the other.In summary, we note that the relationship - it is a lot of work on yourself, you ought to be able to give, to show attention and care, even when to do so would not be desirable.Love sincerely and with all his soul, then all you get!