How to get away from her husband

died away the sounds of the wedding march, burned impulses and passions - and in the life of couples, much has changed.There is no sense of happiness from what is near and dear loved one is not happy with the time spent, and a whole life together is not happy.Instead, the soul accumulated irritation, and at times a thought: "How to get away from her husband?".

This idea is quite common in our time, and makes you wonder about the future of many of the fair sex.If you - including those of women and girls, and have periodically worried about the thought of the future and, in particular, one of the most important: how dare leave her husband, then this article is for you.It will be given tips and advice on how to decide on this step and make the process less painful parting.

So you've thought about the question, "How to leave her husband?".To get started is to firmly grasp one golden rule: never take such decisions hastily and in a hurry.After all, at stake - your future life.Taking the decision about the separation, make sure that it is - a solid and true.To do this, you can mark all the positive aspects of your life "before and after" amounting to a "working list".Similarly, you can mark all the positive and negative traits of your partner in life.Then you need to analyze and evaluate written.If, however, outweigh the "negative aspects" of living together and not lose the desire to leave her husband, is resolved to take this step.

yet again - a step considered.

decision has been taken, weighed and analyzed, it remains to solve: how to leave her husband?We answer in one word: beautiful.Yes, it is beautiful.The severance of relations should not be a stumbling block.Everything can now be done in a civilized way.To begin after the decision to divorce is to inform the spouse.Omissions are useless.Communicate its decision, give the reasons which, in principle, and caused the breakup.However, do not forget about mutual respect.The quarrels, tantrums, mutual insults in this case - not the best assistants.A simple statement of facts in a calm atmosphere, without unnecessary emotions and compulsive detail of everyday life - that's what you need.

Following the announcement of its decision spouse is not necessary to delay the preparation of the documents for divorce.The sooner you do, the less hope will give his companion a possible solution to the problem.It is not necessary to hide their actions from her husband: preparing documents and providing them to the appropriate authorities promptly inform him.If the spouse had a desire to start a conflict, in any case, do not give in to his provocations.Respect yourself and him.Try to leave with dignity, keeping just a little friendly and respectful relations.

Then make an important and decisive step (of course, if this is possible) - change their place of residence, so as not to aggravate the situation before the divorce proceedings.All measures taken related to the parting, report spouse.You should not hide anything from him.This relates primarily to education of children and division of property.If difficulties arise, consult professionals: lawyers, notaries, lawyers and others.

you have wondered how to leave her husband?Then another little tip: if your family has children, think of them.Unnecessary injuries they do not need.Always remember that your child must have a mother and father, even if they do not live together.This means that you should do everything to ensure that the child (ren) has retained the respect and love for the dear man, wished to meet with him and share their joys and sorrows.Only in this case conscience will torment you, and do not have to stir up the past ...