Tips orthopedist: How to choose the right shoe first baby?

The question that arises is not always the parents of kids.Mostly we are interested in - not too tight if a new thing?However, not only in the amount of work.Let's try to consider all the important components that need to be considered when buying new shoes for a child.


Choose shoes to fit the feet of your baby.Between the toe (sandals, boots) and the fingers must be space in the 0.5-1 cm. Outgrowth of shoes to buy is not necessary.The exception is winter shoes, which you can buy one size larger with the expectation of wool socks.Then be sure to wear dress, as should be the scope of the foot.Only in this case it will perform walking movement "jolts-rolls" and not lateral movements.Understand and width shoes.If, for example, winter boot wide open, it will always be comfortable to wear.


Leather - ideal for children's shoes.It is flexible, extensible, and provides the microcirculation of the air evaporation.If the preferred textile, in the backdrop of such shoes should be strengthened.

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welcome piece hard heel with a rounded top, without cutouts and decorative inserts.It is better if it is encased from top elastic band, which protects the foot from rubbing.Open sandals with open backdrop recommended to carry four years.


It should be non-slip, corrugated, flexible.Now manufacturers refuse to use leather soles.It is stiff and does not bend almost.If a child with healthy legs to put such shoes, it may be an artificial flat.Due to the lack of normal rolling from heel to toe, the baby will be broken shock absorbing function of the foot.Soles still plays the role of a repetition of the foot.Therefore, we must give priority to the shoe with a flexible but sturdy sole, which can be bent by hand.If the sole is stiff, it should be made in the form of a paperweight, ie battened toe.


It is needed in children's shoes, as participates in the formation of gait.The size of the standard of children's heel, 1-2 cm.

Fixation of shoes on instep

This is what keeps the foot and adjusts the height - laces, buckles, Velcro.Fixing should not be too tight or loose.

instep - a small bump at the inner edge of the sole orthopedic called the computation of the internal arch.This detail of anatomical insoles need for healthy legs.

But if the child walks like a bear, raking kicks in, this layout it is contraindicated, because it raises the inside edge of the foot and lower leg muscles resulting in further reduced.

Now a lot of kids who walk this way, and special insoles are not enough.Consultation podiatrist.

Dear parents pay attention to the "style" shoes. children can not wear shoes with pointed toe - 'pumps ยป.Fingers at this age are a fan, and that they are not deformed, the front shoe department should be broad.

Choose shoes child only in his presence , because you will have more chances to make the right choice.

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