Orsay Museum in Paris

The French capital is able to conquer his sights anyone.The rich cultural life of the city highlights, among many others.Not the least role in this played by museums.The famous Louvre is not deterred tourists even long queues.No less popular and the Musée d'Orsay.The more he became famous when it was open and that it is certainly worth a look?

Where is the museum?

If you walk along the boulevard Saint-Germain, then soon you will reach the turn to the river, you will be able to move to the other side of the bridge will be on the Concorde and the Quai Voltaire.It is interesting not only overlooking the Tuileries Gardens, and the fact that this is where there is the legendary Musée d'Orsay, which is one of the most visited attractions in Paris.You can enter the building from the street Lezhon-d'Onner.If you plan to travel by subway, you will need to enter the station called «Solferino».


this remarkably beautiful building is not always the Museum of Orsay.Paris hosted the World Exhibition of 1900, and for her at this place was built the railway station.He served the southwestern part of the country until 1939.The route Paris - Orleans in demand, the compositions grew longer, and soon it turned out that they simply do not fit on the platform.We had to change the profile of this station.He began to serve only a small suburban compounds and part of the building was designed as a mail center.After World War II the station was used theater company Renaud-Barrault.In the halls of auctions held and was restored hotel, which is closed only in 1973. Only in 1977 there was decided to place the Museum d'Orsay.A massive reconstruction, which took almost a decade.Already the first in December 1986 opened one of the most famous museums in the world.Ceremony chaired by President Mitterrand of France.Since then, the Musée d'Orsay does not stop its work.

exposition ground floor

Orsay Museum is divided into three levels, each of which represents a different cultural areas.On the ground, which is located under the amazingly beautiful glass roof, exposed two rows of sculptures.Placing them recalls the last room, creating an outline of the tracks.On the sides are placed in the other rooms of the picture.The entire floor is connected with works created before 1870.The best example of the sculpture is the work of carp.It depicts Ugolino, monstrous Count poem of Dante, gnawing his fingers in anticipation of the possibility of the body to eat their own children.Another work of the sculptor - gypsum group "Four parts of the world, supporting the celestial sphere."Original embodied in bronze, can be seen in the Luxembourg Gardens.There Orsay Museum offers the visitors polychrome busts of Africans by sculptor Cordier stone.

Exposition side wings

On the south side of the ground floor featuring paintings by painters Delacroix and Ingres.Their main collection is housed in the Louvre.Together with them, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris and places the artists who exhibited in the salons of the mid-nineteenth century.The following rooms are available fabric Pyuvisa de Mr Shawan, young Degas and Gustave Moreau.The north wing housed the representatives of the Barbizon school of realist artists.In these halls you can see works by Corot, Daumier, Millet and Courbet.Among the first they refused to outdated rules and ceased to portray idealized subjects.Picture Daubigny "Snow" strongly influenced the future course of Impressionism, and the work of Courbet entitled "Getting the World" shocking frankness visitors.In the same part of the museum you can find paintings of Manet, for example, the provocative painting "Olympia", created by the master in 1863.

collections of Impressionist

to inspect the exposition, in chronological order, you need to go to the top floor.It is a collection that boasts more than others Orsay Museum - Impressionist and post their best work.In chamber music halls, which are located under the roof, it is a collection created by art historian Moreau-Nelaton.Outstanding collector belonged to the best works of Claude Monet, for example, "Poppies" and "Breakfast on the Grass", once the drive furious critics.In adjacent rooms continues impressionist exhibition - there are represented by Degas, Renoir, Sisley, Pissarro.Stunning everyday scenes and landscapes reflect the early years of the new era in which artists have been taken to place his easel on the street and look for inspiration there.Here you can see the legendary work of Degas - his dancers stand out from the other pictures of this direction attention not to the colors and the lines and movements.Presented as "Cradle" Berthe Morisot - the first women's work in the style of impressionism.

best works

most important masterpieces owned by the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, exhibited in halls 34, 39 and 35. This is the first of five paintings by Monet, which depicted the cathedral of Rouen, and later works by Renoir.Hall 35 fills a riot of colors - there is exhibited by Van Gogh.The Musée d'Orsay owns and paintings by Cezanne, for example, the famous still-life "Apples and oranges".On the upper level there are also restaurants and small halls with pastels by Degas.The last row of the premises under the roof given psychological, sharp plot - Gauguin, Rousseau, Seurat and Signac pointillist.The best work of this part of the exhibition is a painting with a portrait of Oscar Wilde, painted by Toulouse-Lautrec.

Exposition average

Orsay Museum, opening hours which allows time to see the exhibition to everyone - it is open on Thursdays, even at nine in the evening, and the only output is Monday - worth visiting, walking through all levels.On average, it represented postimpressionist Kaganovich and Lille on the terrace you can see paintings by Bonnard and Vyuyyara.From the eyes of the public of their hides giant sculpture of a polar bear, created pompoms.Vyuyyar and Bonnard - known members of the group Nouveau style, which became famous under the name "Nabi".These paintings can be traced not only the influence of the early twentieth century, but traces of Impressionist movements, and some details of traditional Japanese painting.The collection in this part of the museum ends with the work of the Symbolists - Klimt, Munch.

Sculptural garden

Address' Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France "attracts not only lovers of painting.They come here, and fans of the sculpture.Exposure is not limited to the first level.On average, numerous works by Rodin.His version of "Ugolino" is even more gloomy than the same sculpture Carpo from the first floor.There is another work with his tragic story - "Fleeting Love", which became a symbol of the end of his relationship with Camille Claudel, student and lover.If after all these walks are forces - be sure to visit the last rooms where furniture and exposed samples of applied art of the Art Nouveau.Although less important, it is very interesting artifacts, which provide a picture of the life of yesteryear.If you visited a museum, but not all have time to explore, if possible, repeat visit on the first Sunday of the month - so you will not have to pay the ticket again.

cost of visiting

exact price tickets to the museum may vary, but it is equal to the standard nine euros.With visitors under the age of eighteen years of age is free of charge on the tradition.On Sundays and every day after four nights a discount on tickets.But do not think that you will quickly see the exhibition, if you come late - the ticket office closes one hour prior to the termination of the museum.To save money, you can buy a special ticket to Paris for tourists - it is versatile and suitable for a variety of sixty institutions and attractions.You will be able to jump the queue and do not think about the additional costs by paying only once.