The exhibition "Titanic" ("Afimall"): photographs from the exhibition reviews

«Trade sensation!"Titanic": he found himself on the legendary ship! "So attracted to the project concerned the public organizers of the event.Found himself on the "Titanic", no doubt, interesting.But the main thing - it is now absolutely safe.That and the crowds flocked to the "Afimall City": the exhibition "Titanic" left no one indifferent.

What was this ship

«Titanic» - tragically known cruise liner.At the time of its launching, as it happened in 1911, it was the largest passenger ship in the world.

first-class tickets to the ship cost from 1100 to 49 000 dollars (based on the exchange rate in 2013).The passengers are restaurants, tennis courts, smoking lounges, dance halls, halls for squash.To one of the most expensive cabins adjoined personal deck length of 12 meters.The decoration of the decks the halls and rooms of the first class on the "Titanic" glittered with gold, velvet and precious woods.Cabin, second and third classes have been furnished much more modest, and the ticket price was around 600 and $ 200 (based, of course), respectively.

Before launching press "Titanic" has been called "unsinkable."Unfortunately, the media were wrong.

only flight

April 10, 1912 "Titanic" left the port of Southampton, to make the trans-Atlantic flight.For four days the ship was on the way.On the night of 14 on April 15, 1912 the ship struck an iceberg.After 2 hours and 40 minutes after that "Titanic" sank.The tragedy claimed the lives of 1495 people.

disaster that occurred in 1912 with the "Titanic", can hardly be considered the worst in the history of mankind.In comparison, the German ship "Goya" sank in April 1945.It was torpedoed by a submarine belonging to the army of the Soviet Union.Then killed about seven thousand people.If we take into account only the catastrophe that occurred in peacetime, the largest and most tragic death can be considered as the passenger ferry "Dona Paz" in 1987.The ship collided with an oil tanker.The number of victims of this tragedy - 4375 people.

exhibition "Titanic" in the "Afimall»

public interest in the history of the shipwreck was formed, probably due to the eponymous film by James Cameron.Whatever it was, a large number of visitors gathered in Moscow held an exhibition "Titanic.""Afimall" (photos and entertainment complex at the time of the event presented in our material) is well known to the public capital, and this event became one more reason to visit.

Russian organized event organizers with the assistance of their US counterparts.The original exhibition display at the Franklin Institute in the United States.The concept of the Moscow event is not particularly different from the original.So how was it?

exhibition "Titanic" ("Afimall"): date of

Some readers still have upset: the event has ended.It passes from 14 February 2014 to 15 February this year.In fact, probably this year, most interested in the history of "Titanic" still managed to see all the original artifacts and "go" on a ship.But the organizers of the event pointed out that when it became known that the exhibition "Titanic" ("Afimall") will run until 15 February 2015 inclusive, many visitors have decided not to miss the last chance.And the final day of this major event was marked by this notice.

exhibition concept

As mentioned above, each visitor "Afimall" had the opportunity to find yourself at the legendary ship, stroll through its decks, to look into the cabins and without fear for their lives to survive the crash.Yes, the iceberg in this exhibition was also present.

Interestingly, the 342 exhibits were subject before actually belonging to passengers of "Titanic."To history could touch.

About roles and destinies

At the entrance to every visitor receives a ticket.But it is not a simple piece of paper with the name indicated it measures the time and cost of visiting.Each passenger ticket bore the name of "Titanic", and described some have occurred with the man on the ship events.In fact, every visitor activities "Afimall" could survive the fate of another - perished or, conversely, escaped a hundred years ago the legendary passenger liner.

looked like the history of man on this ticket?Firstly, it was the name, age and occupation.Second, its history is related to the "Titanic", printed in English and Russian languages.For example, a ticket to the Rose Amelia iCard contain the following information."Age: 38 years old.Occupation: maid.Amelia was the maid Martha Stone, the wife of the president of the telephone company "Cincinnati Bell."It is known that during the trip to the "Titanic" Amelia often complained about the shortcomings in the care and behavior of staff. "By the way, such complaints and comments from the mouth of the maid is quite understandable, given that this woman was traveling with his mistress and companion to the first class.

After ticketing guests of the exhibition held on and got acquainted with the exhibits, and the reconstruction of the crash.

Description exposure

Strolling through the cabin, and deck the halls, reconstructed for the exhibition, every visitor could get acquainted with the equipment and technical equipment of the ship and learn how life was organized and pastime passengers.Thus, it was possible to walk along and see the exquisite restaurant serving tables for traveling first class.It was possible to go up on deck, with views of the ocean and the endless starry sky.It also felt a quiet breath of the night breeze.

In addition, guests of the exhibition had the opportunity to compare the arrangement of the cabins of the first, second and third grades.Luxury expensive apartments hit gold, velvet and skvozyaschim prosperity everywhere.Second-class passengers lived in cabins, vaguely reminiscent of modern furniture of hotel rooms: no nonsense, impersonal furniture and the same decor.The third class was placed in the cabins below the waterline.There were bunk beds, and the sound of water and the rattle of ice did not abate for a moment.Thus for tickets steerage liable to pay the equivalent of two average monthly salary of an ordinary American worker.

Next exhibition hall - the reconstruction of the crash.Tragedy painted constantly, so each visitor has the opportunity to put themselves in the place of traveling by boat man to survive his fate.

final exhibition hall with "underwater" exposure represents a sunken ship in all its glory, and a small room dedicated to the film by James Cameron.

An interesting feature of the exhibition - to learn about the fate of the passenger, whose name was specified when the ticket, it was in the last room.There were booths with lists of survivors and people perished.No doubt, many viewers thought it was very interesting.And now for the guests of the event.

exhibition "Titanic" ("Afimall"): reviews

How estimated the Muscovites and visitors the event?

Most of the reviews were positive.It is not surprising, because the reconstruction of the appearance, the interior of the ship and its collapse was very convincing.Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that very many of the exhibits were genuine, and it only fueled public interest in the event.

In addition, a positive thing many visitors to the exhibition and noted venture with the tickets, the experience of the real fate of the passenger of "Titanic."Search for your hero on the lists of survivors or victims, according to the guests' Afimall "it was also very exciting.

but notes some negative points that visitors remember the exhibition "Titanic."So, the grand staircase of the ship, so bright and nicely illustrated in the film turned out to be quite small, and climb it was not possible.Some visitors pointed out the fact that the atmosphere of adventure came to an end just after ticketing, and then remained a spectator feels no participant in the events, but merely a bystander.

Whatever it was, the event ended, and the assurances of the organizers and the majority of the guests, it was successful.Many will long remember, what was this event - the exhibition "Titanic" ("Afimall").Photos from the exhibition for a long while will remind guests of experienced events and impressions received.