Communication Museum - the perfect venue for leisure activities for children and adults

life of modern man is hard to imagine without communication.Thanks to mobiles and landlines, the postal service, the Internet people have reported joyful and sad news, congratulate their relatives and friends on holidays, call "ambulance", employees of other emergency services, are recorded to the doctor, share recipes, talk about the matters at work andthe events of his personal life.Satellite communication allows you to not get lost in unfamiliar terrain, to trace hotbeds of natural disasters, to find a lost person, broadcast television films, the transmission is in good quality and so on. D.

Like all the achievements of mankind, the relationship has a history.In primitive society the important information transmitted by voice and tom-toms.Later, there were a variety of devices, allowing to hear each other at a distance.All of these devices offers the visitors the Museum of Communications.


Central Museum of Communications is located in St. Petersburg, close to St. Isaac's Cathedral, at

Post Office Lane, 4. occupied buildings before the revolution belonged to the Chief Director of Posts, Prince Bezborodko.

View interesting displays can take the metro to the station "Sennaya" trolleybuses №№ 5, 22 (stop "Post Office Lane") or the buses №№ 22, 27 (stop "Horse Guards Boulevard").

history institutions

Communication Museum in St Petersburg earlier - Telegraph Museum, founded in 1872 by Carl Lueders, who was then director of the Telegraph Department.The first director of the museum became a writer, editor postal and telegraph publications of the Russian Empire NE Slavinskiy.

Later Communication Museum changed its name, does not remain constant guidance and exposure for the subject of culture.Since 1945, the establishment is named after the inventor of radio Popov.In 1947 the museum building it's in disrepair, so it was closed.

door of one of the most interesting museums reopened to the public in the beginning of the XXI century.In 2000, a program of revival, according to which the means of communication of previous years were to be made available to the public two years later.Updated Communication Museum in St Petersburg re-opened December 19 2003

Features exposure

under one roof all the means of communication invented by people like mail, telephone, telegraph, and even satellite.Exhibits feature Bench clearly and realistically, that attracted the attention of not only adults but also children.Young visitors are delighted by the fact that some devices can not only touch, but also to see how they work: put a stamp on the stamp to send a letter of pneumomail, call 1903 sample.

The first hall is demonstrated history of postal services.The audience represented an animal model in which to transport the mail (horses, dogs, camels), mail trains and ships.Here you can also see the mailboxes of different years, the apparatus for quenching brands.

next room occupied by building models.It presented himself Communication Museum, and the structure related to it.The history of the Post Office and similar institutions is demonstrated on the screen.

Technical devices

One of the halls of the museum resembles a physics laboratory.Visitors not only view the exhibits, but also to gain knowledge from the field of physics: how to apply the color on the TV screen, there is a transformation of the human voice, what are the characteristics of Morse code, and so on. D.

In several rooms is a history of the emergence radios and televisions.Here you can see vintage vehicles, modern consoles for sound processing, walkie-talkies, to learn about how to operate the radio during the war.Inventor of the radio AS Popov, whose name is a museum dedicated to a separate exhibition.

is interesting and commutator Hall.Previously telephone service was provided thanks to the girls hand-telephone operator.That is to call your relative or friend, you had to first talk to an expert, ask about the connection.Telephone exchanges of past years were quite large and modern devices the size about the same as a small closet.

In one of the atriums of the museum visitor familiar with modern phone technology, talk about the modern satellite communication.You can also use the Internet.

Dream philatelist

known that e-mail address will not accept a letter without a stamp.Stamps exist for a long time.Throughout history, change the appearance, design postage stamps.Popov Communication Museum has a unique collection of much-needed items for processing letters.Under each label indicates when and in honor of the event, she was released.


Communication Museum is open to visitors from 10.30 to 18.00.Weekend - Sunday, Monday and last Thursday of the month.Residents of other cities can "walk" through the halls of the institution through virtual tours.