A set of exercises for the press - the basic principles and techniques.

Tell me, who does not dream to have the perfect abs.However, not many people realize that it is a huge work.Nothing happens for a reason.The problem lies in the fact, to choose the right set of exercises for the press.The bulk of all existing exercises, aimed at creating a beautiful belly, so-called "low calorie."What does this mean?So, for example, to give up just one kilogram of body fat, you will need to make at least three thousand five hundred and lifts the torso from a prone position.

And no matter how you try, it is important to know and remember that a large number of repetitions will not give the desired results, because the fat in the abdominal area are untouchable reserve of vital energy for the body, and they spent the very last moment.

But do not immediately despair and abandon the target.Of course, there is always a way out.And in this case, you can choose a set of exercises for the press, because of which your stomach will become an attractive relief.

If you are reading this article right now, you have tried a lot already.So before you go to the list of effective exercises for the press, let's define the basic principles of their implementation.

first principle - in order to effectively work out the abdominal muscles should combine a variety of exercises.It is connected directly to the muscle adaptation.

The second principle - to increase muscle mass in the abdomen number of repetitions should be no more than fifteen.If necessary, a set of exercises for the press can be complicated by applying a weighting.

And finally, the third principle - to get rid of fat folds appropriate diet will help you.Without it, even the specially selected exercises will be absolutely useless.

Now a few words about the training schemes.An exercise program for the press can be performed daily, or once or twice a week.Here you have to take a decision on their own.

few words about the most effective options exercises for abdominal muscles.This group includes leg lifts in a vise, different, which only exist, the body rises and, of course, curling.Additionally, you can perform the kicks, "bicycle" or "scissors".All three of these exercises can get rid of unwanted fat in the abdomen.However, one should consider the fact that their efficiency is increased only in the case where the duration of these exercises, an average of twenty-five - thirty minutes and make it necessary daily.If you want to achieve good results, the patient.

I assume that many hesitate to visit the gym for quite understandable reasons.In this case, a set of exercises for the press at home - this is what you need.Here are some of them.

Lie on the floor.Hands behind your head position so that they wrapped around some foothold.Legs bent at the knees, and the hips are in a position perpendicular to the floor.Inhale and pull your knees to your chest, lifting the pelvis.Now exhale and slowly return to its original position.

following exercise - twisting.Starting position, as in the previous embodiment, except for hand.They must be behind the head, elbows and thus directed laterally.Lift the shoulders off the floor, giving the chest forward and moving your hips in the opposite direction.

There are plenty of similar exercises.Such variants will be most effective.So try to build a set of exercises for the press on this basis.

Finally, another important point - proceed to classes only after a short warm-up.And it's better if it's stretching exercises.