What will help to lose weight?

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To lose weight, you need to move more and eat less.In addition, there are some tricks that not only make a figure slimmer, but also help to live more interesting.Here are some of them.


often cause weight gain in both women and men is stress.Overeating, addicted to "harmful products" - is a consequence of excessive psychological tension.Think in a positive way, do not pay too much attention to the little things annoying.Hobbies relieves stress much better than chocolate: sing, dance, restore my grandfather's bike painted ceramics.Not enough time?Learn and apply the techniques of time management.Having ceased to rush, you will worry less.Ideal unwind - master the techniques of relaxation.Meditate, engaged in auto-training.

Go to the bath!

Turkish, Russian, Finnish!The one that is more like it, and most importantly, suitable for health reasons.Visit bath or sauna perfectly relaxes, removes the so-called "slag", while you lose weight, detoxify the body, relieves stress!Add to water procedures wraps, masks, cool off a cup of herbal tea and a sense of great ease you provided.


Communication with those who you likable, thus relieving stress, escape from problems or to solve some of them.Thus, there is less reason to seek solace in an abundant and high-calorie food.The main thing, do not make romantic and friendly meeting at the feast!

often friends from a single company or a close friend, and husbands and wives simultaneously and rapidly gaining weight.The fact that people tend to adjust to the interlocutor in the rate of absorption of food and the choice of dishes, especially women.Strive for harmony?Instead gatherings in fast food is better with friends for a walk in the park or go bowling.Be careful when placing the restaurant, take your time while eating, and then you do not have to "refuse from home" your faithful, but more plump friends.

Friends are different, let's talk about pets.There is a dog?Then you are provided with a walk in the fresh air.Do not rush home as soon as the pet did "their business."Play with a dog.Yes, thrown ball or a stick, it will run, but you get a charge of vivacity and good mood.Increasing active time walks with an animal, you kneaded the back slopes, saturate the blood with oxygen and is the key to a successful fight against excess weight.

Other Pussies (rabbits, chinchillas, etc.) also helps fight stress and give a lot of positive emotions, and cats, according to many people, relieve symptoms of certain diseases.This is important, because when well-being is given all the easier, including weight loss.


In this age of information, curiosity is not a vice, and useful qualities.Connect the brain collect and analyze accurate information on protein-carbohydrate-fat, how the method of cooking effect on calories, how many calories you need and how it is absorbed by the body.Maybe getting rid of the myth that the cereal - diet food, you go to the porridge, and then on the clothes smaller?

Carefully study the composition of the products specified on the package.Researchers in the US and Europe have estimated that women carefully read labels on food, on average lighter than their counterparts at least curious about ten kilograms.Unfortunately, not all manufacturers faithfully indicate the full composition and the energy value of foods.Even in European countries, consumers are "caught" in the well-known brands provides its low calorie content and the amount of sugar and fat content on product packaging.But in general, the ability to collect, analyze, critically evaluate and use information about the product - a good habit that helps to be slimmer.

massage step, march!

This is probably the most pleasant means of losing weight!So think of those who have never made a serious massage for correction.Sometimes you have to suffer, but the result is worth it.The volume of the body will go through the elimination of stagnant fluid in the tissues.The skin becomes tighter, smoother, firmer, restored metabolism.

There are many types of massage.The main thing, whatever one you choose - a manual or hardware, it has to carry out a professional who will take into account your individual needs and possible contraindications!You can choose to do a light massage, using high-quality cosmetic products that improve skin tone and helps to relax.


may buy stylish clothes a couple of sizes smaller than stimulating someone's body on an unconscious level to burn fat stores more quickly, but not worth risking money and health carried away by express diets!Well-chosen things the right size, you can visually "remove" a few kilos.Learn the techniques used by stylists to do.You do not become slimmer, barely pulling jeans on two numbers less.On the contrary, it is possible to draw unnecessary attention to the protruding "ears" or a belt hung over the stomach.And remember posture.Ask someone to suddenly make your photo in full growth, preferably in the profile.And now remember how many times my mother said, "Do not slouch, tighten the belly!ยป

Enumerate ways to help and look to be more slender, is endless.The main thing is to remember that happiness depends on the attitude towards life, and not by weight.

And finally ... another way to fall in love!

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