Autumn 2012: the 10 most popular brushes mascara

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major innovation mascara in which cosmetic brands are competing - it's not even a formula and texture (though of course they are important).Now we, the consumers, attracted by innovations in the brush, each season offering the most incredible finds.

If you try to compile all existing forms of mascara brushes, you get a list of the order of several hundred.After all, each brand has its own secrets, and a certain history in this area.Therefore, we will focus on the brush, which can be found in stores today.Although it is unlikely, and this list will be complete.After all, only one brand Maybelline at the moment (in autumn 2012) for sale of 18 varieties of mascara.

1. Scope (sphere)

first proposed Givenchy, this form of brush has many followers in the face of other brands.Because this form allows you to do with a hundred lashes incredible.Length like false eyelashes!Perfect make-up to the "cat's eye" when long eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye is necessary to support rich graphics eyeliner.Minus only in the fact that it will take a little time to adjust to the brush in the form of a ball.

There Mascara L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara, the tip of the scope is at Benefit They're Real Mascara and It Cosmetics Hello Lashes!Mascara.By the way, the last two brushes - a new trend - so say the make-up artists.

2. Heart

Bestseller from Maybelline, mascara Great Lash Mascara, this year has a new version of the Lots of Lashes.This form brush up Maybelline Nobody offered.This is an absolute novelty of the season.If you are looking for your eyelash length and separation, this silicone brush will become your best friend.

3. Without bristle

Again innovation Givenchy, which found continuation in the beauty industry.We brush mascara Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes Mascara is not like a conventional bristle brushes us, there is a thick grooved applicator.It allows the volume of lashes at the base and sharp tip to help work on the lumps and division.Mascara Clarins Instant Definition Mascara - a mind with a standard brush, but on the tip - stick with virtually no bristles, which helps to work out the most hard-to cilia.

4. Hourglass

This is one of many favorite form of brushes.It provides not only the volume of the lashes, but also their lifts.Some complain that this brush in the center quickly becomes a bit sticky.Do not worry, this can be avoided if you keep the brush clean and before each application to wipe the excess mascara on the napkin.

5. Brush applicator

It is quite unusual for eyelashes brush, it looks more like a lip gloss applicator or brush rather than a brush.This is understandable.Purpose of the product - to create the effect of shiny, wet cilia.Mascara Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer - it shine for eyelashes - can be used on top of the already deposited pigment, either as an independent product, highlighting the natural shade of your lashes.Brush creates a certain film on each cilium, which thickens the hair and makes it smooth and shiny.

6. The curved brush

All curved brush in an arc, whether bristle, nylon or silicone, designed to effect the bent, twisted eyelashes.There are brushes, spoons, which are asymmetric bristle (as Volyum Express flap from Maybelline), a fully round brush, only curved in an arc.There are other bizarre twists - for example, the letter «S», like mascara LASH STILETTO Voluptous from Maybelline.

7. Brush-comb

brushes, combs designed to lengthen eyelashes and separation.They may be straight, may be curved like Clinique (High Length Mascara).

8. corkscrew or spiral

If you are looking length and volume to lashes, then brush-fit tailspin.Nylon bristles are able to keep enough mascara to paint over each cilium quality and add volume.Budget option Revlon Fabulash.There are advanced "spiral" - for example, such as Too Faced Size Queen Mascara and Diorshow 360 Mascara, both brushes are the double helix: short bristles capture a lot of mascara to add volume at the base, and long bristles added to the length of each cilium.Besides brush Diorshow 360 rotates in two directions, providing a very complete staining.

9. The curved spiral

This mix Brush number 6 and 8. Ink Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara was established Japanese television star, the appointment of the carcass - not only to create the cilia bend and curl, but to give volume.And this bizarre form must cope with the most unruly and straight lashes.Adds length.

10. Maxi

Brushes larger, they tend to have a lot of different directions of bristles that provides maximum grip cilia on all sides, giving it a three-dimensional volume.Pros work on shows mostly as large brushes.One of the novelties of fresh autumn season - ink Volyum Express Net black silk by Maybelline (Volum'Express One by One Satin Black).Each bristle "work" just three bristles!

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