Imperialism - it is the eve of the war

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Imperialism - is a special way of the internal economy, the society and some political institutions.As a standalone system it developed in the late 19th - early 20th century, in the most developed countries of the world.Just for this period also accounted for the dawn of capitalism, which is inextricably linked with imperialism.That combines the two concepts, as well as about the features of this system described in the article.


From the perspective of history and political science imperialism - is the highest level of capitalism.This comes at a time when the monopoly formed by the bourgeoisie, or simply entrepreneurs become the ruling class in the state.The capitalists whose outlook is based on liberalism, equality and hard work, in this period are the typical representatives of the ruling elite, which is trying to lay all their hands.Moreover, during the capture means unfolding struggle between the monopolies within the same state.Later this confrontation goes on an international level.

World imperialism

imperialism reached its climax at the turn of 19-20 centuries, precisely when the monopoly to dominate in every highly developed countries.It is believed that such phenomena always precede the social revolution.It is for such a model, the events developed in the beginning of the last century, which led to a change of power in Russia, as well as World War II, changed the course of history in Europe.Research on this occasion did Lenin.According to him, imperialism - is the transition from quantity to quality, from private to public ownership.Everyone knows that at the dawn of the USSR banks transferred their enormous capital to the State, and State-owned steel manufacturing, educational institutions and so on.

Features and Wednesday occurrence

Typically, the output of imperialism on a world level begins with the capture of the internal market.Since the full power of this phenomenon is concentrated in finance, to capture leading industries becomes easier.Thus the bourgeoisie and selected international markets, covering certain trade routes or to open those that are beneficial for them.It is worth noting that imperialism - a phenomenon that is typical only for the highly developed countries.Also, it is important that the number of wealthy people has been very impressive.They will be able to form a monopoly, which would compete with each other as well as fight with similar foreign entities.

Signs imperialism

briefly list the basic signs, which, according to analysts, and judging by the stories preceded the emergence of this structure:

  • Production and banks merged into a single entity, thereby forming the financial capital of the country.
  • appearance of structures oligarchies.
  • also born in the country of 4 types of monopolies - concern, syndicates, trusts and cartels.
  • emergence of alliances formed monopolies.They usually share the global capital or land.
  • When the world is completely divided, all boundaries are clearly defined and it seems that nothing can stop the world, there is a need to repartition.This can lead to a revolution or a war.