Witnesses from the dead

killer often said that if he was able to hide the ends in water, and you probably will be able to escape retribution.But some of the murderers was a surprise - the evidence against them to help find the ghosts, they indicate the victims themselves from the afterlife.

ring finger pointed to the killer

In the XVII century.a British Lord John Maynard noted for "justice, common sense and a huge influence in judicial affairs", wrote the following story.

Norkot Joan lived in Hertfordshire with an infant, her husband Arthur, his mother Mary Norkot, sister Agnes and her husband John Okimanom.Joan was a fun and attractive woman, an exemplary wife and mother, no one quarreled.Therefore, all were in shock when one morning in 1629 she was found with his throat cut.Joan cuddle the baby, though defended by someone's violent attacks.The family announced that she had committed suicide in a fit of insanity.And the judge accepted this explanation and ordered the official verdict that Mrs. Norkot committed suicide


However, this explanation did not satisfy the friends and relatives of the unfortunate woman.Come gossip, and then the judge changed his mind and ordered to lift the body from the grave, and inspect it again.

This is how future developments Sir Maynard: "Each of the four members of the family Norkot, serving as the defendants were ordered to touch the corpse.Wife Okimana fell to her knees and begged God to help prove their innocence ... Defendants have laid hands on a dead body, and then on the forehead of the deceased - according to eyewitnesses, her skin had acquired a grayish, ashen color - began performing small droplets of sweat that began to flowher face.Forehead transformed: skin became lively and fresh shade.The deceased has opened one eye and closed it again.This was repeated three times.She also raised the ring finger three times, and out on the grass, oozing blood. "

So it was conclusively proven that there had been a murder.

new judge's sentence was that Joan Norkot was killed by one or more unknown.Though he did not name names directly killers, suspicion fell on Arthur, Mary, Agnes and John, who were the prime suspects in the trial.Medieval forensic investigation conducted first-class, the case was heard again in court, which convicted her husband, Arthur, and his mother Agnes Okiman.Her husband, John, was acquitted.Arthur and Mary Norkot sentenced to death, but Agnes was sent to a camera, as it turned out that she was pregnant.The gallows was waiting for her a year later.

motive for the murder was commonplace - jealousy, which had for both women enjoyed universal love Joan.They convinced Arthur that his wife is cheating on him, and he took part in the violence with her.John Okiman witnessed the crime, but was forced to remain silent because of his pregnant wife.

deceased denounced the killer

A similar case occurred in our days in the Australian city of Fremantle.At the home of John Mack Nicholson play poker came his pals Tom Grant, Harry Coombes and Kenneth Berry.That evening, Grant fabulously lucky: he won 73,000 dollars.All gathered at Mack Nicholson were wealthy people, and paid cash.At midnight Grant, Coombs and Berry left.And in the morning on the street not far from his home was found dead Grant.He was killed with a knife under the left shoulder blade.Money with him, of course, was not there.

Initially, suspicion fell on his three friends, but soon it was withdrawn for lack of evidence.As a result, the investigation concluded that an unknown gunman killed Grant, which many in the port of Fremantle, and that night was just lucky to meet a man with many thousands in your pocket.

Two weeks later, Grant's funeral.Grant had no close relatives, and the organization of the ceremony took the three friends.They came to the morgue for the body which brought a medic on a gurney and asked standing beside Coombs help to shift it in the coffin.

When they lifted the dead man, one of the folded hands suddenly lifted, as if the deceased was saying goodbye to friends.Nurse immediately with the force pulled her to his chest, but he said that according to ancient beliefs, when a man killed when he died, he is trying to expose the killer.

passed more than a year, and the perpetrator was found.The saying was right: it turned out to be Harry Coombes.He exposed himself.The fact is that when friends sat down to play a fateful night of the murder, Mack Nicholson paid the money that day removed from the account.During the investigation the number of banknotes were established and communicated to all banks in the city.But none of the bills did not appear.And suddenly, after the bank reported to the police that their department received three $ 100 bills from a number of wanted.They paid another fee for the insurance of their home Coombs.

When Coombes presented as irrefutable evidence of three $ 100 bills, he immediately admitted that he killed his friend.

At first glance the two cases seem incredible - the bodies could not move his arms, much less point to someone.But ... they do occur.

Energy magician "revive" dead man

Let us recall the impressive experiment, which held in the 1990s, the famous magician Yuri Longo.Short documentaries, in which it was filmed, shown on television.For many, it was a shock, because the impression of a nightmare.The action took place in the morgue.On a metal gurney lay stiffened corpse of a man, over which conjured man in a white robe.He did hand passes over the dead.His face was so tense that his forehead sweat.Suddenly the dead man's left arm stirred.Then he raised his head, pulled his legs.It takes a few more seconds, and his entire body as it stands up like a dead man is going to get up, but then falls back.

Picture terrible for ordinary people.However, this is only experience contactless energy transmission to the individual muscles, causing them to cancel.A held it in front of physicians known white magician Yuri Longo.This is not a gimmick and the revival of the dead man in the full sense of the word.His psychic impulses Longo only restores motor function of individual muscles, just like it can be done by passing an electric current through them.The very same body remained cold, that is, the processes of life it did not go.By the way, Longo had several such experiences in the morgue of the Institute Sklifosovsky, and give commands to the "revival" has learned from one of the Russian healers-sorcerers in remote rural areas.According to the rector of the International Academy "Medici" Professor E. Andriankin, the venerable scientist working at the interface of physics, medicine and mathematics, demonstrated by Longo "revival" is no magic: here a clear effect of psychic energy pulses on the acupuncture points of the corpse.

When the psychic mind affects the inanimate matter, that is, sends electromagnetic pulses, it concentrates the energy obtained.Her accumulate cells programmed to act as nature itself.When energy becomes more than they can keep these little biokondensatory occurs, as physicists say, the breakdown and the energy is discharged.A tissue of dead bodies appeared Biotok that made the muscles to contract.Therefore, moving his arms and legs were dead.

Now back to cases where the deceased pointed to the murderers.Today, many scientists recognize that a person has energy-essence, or, as it is traditionally called the soul.After the death of the body it does not disappear, but continues to exist in the subtle world.There's a disembodied soul and at the same time material.It's just another form of matter, but composed of the same quantum particles that the earth and our physical world and the entire universe.Consequently, the entity must have energy.Under certain conditions, for example, in the case of a strong desire to expose the murderer of his own body, it is able to influence this energy to the former earthly shell.That is, the force to move the eyelids, fingers, hands, corpse, as did Yuri Longo during his experiments.

Denis Balmashov

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