20 living parting words to her daughter

Jenny McCarthy - a world-renowned author, speaker at the TED-conferences.She wrote five books, in an article she wrote about what should be wisdom to share with her daughter mother before she becomes an adult.

«I always wanted daughters, and they've got.I enjoy every minute spent with them, ranging from teas to our joint battle pillows.But I lie if I say that I do with them was easy.From a young age my girls attacking random media message: "Being thin - beautiful.And the beauty of it all, and if you want to be beautiful, you need these shoes! ".They are subject to all sorts of temptations, both online and through other channels.As a parent, which can affect who they will be, I want to give them their life lessons.But daughters farewell specific. "

Here they are:

1. Learn to say "no»

Of course, I do not really like this lesson.Especially when the "no" tell me.But in the big world full of risks you will be faced with an incredible amount of complex elections.Potential problems are waiting for you everywhere - from the boys to alcohol.

If you hear that little golosochek inside that tells you that you are doing something not quite right, listen to him.And learn to say "no."It will be difficult in the beginning, but then you will feel happy after each vymolvlennogo "no."

2. cares more about the inner beauty than on foreign

It's okay to be proud of their appearance and want to be beautiful.But if that's all you care about, the consequences will be dire.Yes, you are incredibly beautiful - but do not forget that you are nothing at all to do to get or deserve beauty.

Real beauty comes from kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion.If you're inside unattractive, worthless your external beauty.

3. Things do not make you happy

However, just at the moment when you ask a designer bag, a tablet, or a new phone, you religiously believe in the fact that the presence of this particular thing will make you happy.But things break down, we lose them, they go out of fashion.Happiness comes to us when we appreciate what we already have, rather than when striving to take over anything.

4. Some Girls - Bad Girls

Be very careful when choosing friends.Girls know how to be petty, nasty and insidious.Some will lie to you and gossip behind your back, and every time you will be very painful.

5. Girlfriends will save your life

Yes, girls can be terrible, but if you can find a real friend, hold on to her, and pay her affection.Boys come and go, but a friend will take with you all your ups and downs, successes and failures.

6. Do not judge people, but remember that you will always be judged

It is a vicious circle: I taught you not to draw any conclusions about people based simply because of how they look and how to dress, unfortunately, allothers will do so.Remember this when you want to do a navel piercing, dyed her hair blue or bare belly.Maybe for you it will not mean anything special, but it is not you have to start looking for a job or to meet with the parents of your young man.

7. The value of a woman's breast is exaggerated

While she did not appear at you, you'll want to have it.When it you will, you will wear it as a written sack.Are there enough great?One more than the other?No identical breasts differ even those who are sitting in one brassiere.Regardless of how you feel about the breast, remember that it is no accident called intimate place.Be good to cover it.

8. mend relations with her grandmother

Sure, you love your grandma, but you've ever talked to her on the souls?She has rich experience of life, and it would be unwise not to join him.Ask her how she grew older, she realized someone wants to be.Sad but true: she will not live forever, razznakomsya with it until you have this opportunity.

9. High school - this is not real life

You think so much at stake - the cool girl with whom you want to make friends, and boys who want to please you.But believe me, life has opened wider horizons, when you go to college and then go out to work.The way a person behaves in upper school, an indicator of who will become in adulthood.In life, many are making those who are in school are not particularly popular.

10. Learn to love yourself

Not everyone will love you and that's okay.Women often care to get approval from everyone, but this is the case: it is impossible to please everyone.The only person you have to like it - it is you yourself.

Until you look at her in the mirror and know that your decisions suit her, even if they are not someone like you on the right track.

11. Wait - of course

If your peers in something you went around and you feel about this terrible discomfort, do not worry - you just have not yet matured.You're sure to come around, just do not need to hurry.Few who regrets that too slow doing something, while many girls suffer that once rushed.

12. Sex should be fun

Do not strive to have sex soon.But when you feel that ready for it, remember that sex should be fun.If your partner is not to worry about that you were nice, emotionally and physically, and you have not quite learned his body to show him how and what to do - see paragraph 11.

13. Not every problem - the endlight

Remember, you and I have read the tale of a cowherd boy, who decided to make fun of adults and suddenly began to shout: "Wolves!Wolves!Help me! "?The lesson of it is applicable to the whole of life.If all your dilemmas and frustrations on a scale you get 10 points, you do not expect from me (and other) sympathy.

You will need time to develop a full term;and while playing the game "whether it would be important to 5 minutes / days / years?" "before starting to go crazy with what now seems so important.

14. Do not compare yourself with others

Maybe you do not like it, but someone always will be more beautiful, richer, and so talented than you.Do not think that because they are happier than you.Life - a journey, not a competition.Work hard to become better myself yesterday.

15. It's just hair

Seriously.You're going to curl or straighten them, to dissolve and bind to the tail, paint or tint (please, not in pink).I spend a lot of minutes, considering posechennye tips.So what?It's just hair.Life is too precious to waste too much time to the improvement of hair.Put on your hat and go - enjoy life.

16. Cool be smart

Sometimes you will feel that it is worth to hide what you smart.Even if you think that way you will seem more attractive to men, or to look cooler, never do that.In your life, there will be times when your peers will think that brains need only fools and nerds, but they will, I promise.If you choose your mind, I assure you, they will soon be singing the praises of you, what you're cool and successful.

17. does not dissolve in a young man

When you go on a date, you are looking for a man who will love you for who you are.I do not pretend to adore windsurfing or horror movies just because it pleases him, or say that you do not like classical music, because he does not understand it.Always will be someone who will love you all the way in to your quirks.Saved himself for it.

18. Speak

If you have an opinion or when you have been treated unfairly or that something is happening is that you are not considered to be acceptable, it is your right and duty to open his mouth.Maybe someone does not have the liking, or perhaps someone you are impressed with his performance.And then, and another good.So you learn to stand up for themselves.

19. You have the power over guys

At some point you realize - it's because you had lost the power of speech, and moist palms.And it's a nice feeling - to know that you possess feminine charms, is not it?But with great power comes great responsibility - whether it is always courteous and never cruel.After all, the guy can break your heart.

20. Sometimes you'll hate me.And I will always love you

I hope you have enough sense not to say it to my face, but I accept the fact that sometimes you are going to feed me disgusted.But even if you say, I will always be ready to give you a hand.When you need to pick a party, or to consult with a good cry.Because I'll always be your mother.

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