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Aquamarine is a variety of beryl.Painting stone teal.Its main difference from topaz or sapphire is a characteristic two-tone, which can be observed when the angle of view.

Aquamarine.The properties of the stone to help improve health

Viewed gem eases stomach and toothache.It also helps to cope with diseases of the liver.If for a long time to look at this stone can improve eyesight.Aquamarine helps calm overexcited nerve and when to withdraw excess fluid from the body.According to the lithotherapists, this mineral strengthens the immune system and will get rid of toxins.Rings with stone referred eliminate diseases of the skin, pendant ameliorate the problems with the thyroid gland, and earrings will sleep calm and allow to forget about nightmares.Here is some useful-aquamarine stone properties.

Photos of this mineral, presented in the article display all its beauty.Depending on the deposit, aquamarine can have different color - from sky-blue to dark blue.Some of his truly crystals reach record sizes.So, aquamarine of 125 centimeters is stored among the exhibits of the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg.In 1976, the Trans-Baikal in the east was found a prominent instance of this mineral, weighing 82 kilos!Fine quality aquamarine from Brazil, weighing 23.3 kilograms was sold for one million dollars.

Aquamarine.The properties of the stone, which will be interesting to fans of mysticism

Since ancient times, this mineral is considered a strong magical means, protects its owner from the astral deception.It is often used as an amulet, which develops inner vision, calming storms, hurricanes and other natural disasters.Aquamarine (properties of the stone to this day regarded mages and warlocks) helps to identify the mysterious meaning of current events, to decipher the signs of destiny and directing positive energy for the benefit of people.This gem lets you control the actions and thoughts, suppressing everything that violates the laws of justice and virtue.It is often referred to as a wise teacher of man.

noteworthy that changes its aquamarine hue depending on the mood of its owner.Affect the color of this mineral, and weather conditions.That is why our ancestors used the gem as a barometer.Darkening and greening, he foreshadowed the impending storm.So interestingly shows aquamarine stone-properties.

Pisces can enhance its positive qualities under the influence of this mineral.Helps Gem and cancers.However, aquamarine (stone property carefully studied astrology) become a source of misery and frustration for Sagittarius and Gemini.

Described mineral considered a good talisman for sailors, scientists and travelers.With aquamarine can get rid of bad habits, obsessive fears and find the strength to forgive the offender with all my heart.