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Astrological recipe: how to find a common language with the teacher.


Ninety times out of a hundred it at school recently and briefly.It is not because he is bad for children, it simply may not have enough patience.The head of the teachers are always a lot of ideas that require immediate implementation.Especially warm his soul all sorts of competitions.He sincerely believes that children will like them, and waits for the class in response to show enthusiasm.Aries naive to believe that life is a school - the child is the same.

Bring Aries easy.He is quick-tempered and angry sometimes noisy.But if this is a typical Aries, he will not hold a grudge.So teachers always better to tell the truth: Aries do not like being lied to.Communication with the teacher-Aries is useful in that it develops the speed of reaction.


Do not play with him in the bullfighter and the bull.It is able to endure the noise from the resistance of the concrete fence and ignore the flying class erasers.But, if his patience burst - gore, leaving from the student and wet places.

Taurus is very stubborn.Nothing will make him withdraw from the lesson plan, except for the collapse, fire and flood.Because such "luck" are rare, it is better in any case always be prepared for the lesson.Irritating Taurus impermanence.Therefore, if your child likes to change from place to place, it is better to experiment on the lessons of other teachers.

Taurus teacher - a man thorough.Accordingly, it is necessary to write a longer essay, and at the blackboard to answer more.On the House Taurus asks a lot.But always support the idea of ​​a party with music, dancing and feasting, because that loves holidays.


has a sense of humor and is a great thing.It does not just save the charges of deuces, and will not fall asleep in class class.

Master-Twins has a weakness for frequent verification work, which can declare without notice.Asked at the board, you can use one of his absolutely invaluable (for students) property: Gemini loves to chat.If you can talk with the teacher-Twin, the conversation eventually goes away from the topic of the lesson.

is quite likely that sometime during their school years, such a teacher repeatedly copied homework.

Being an expert on this part, it instantly convict ward if he will blow essay.Therefore, students should not forget creative process deactivated.


Since it is handled with care as a porcelain vase.Its very easy to offend.

Outwardly this point, it is easy to calculate.Once the cancer will announce in the middle of the lesson: "I refuse to go on!", Students should understand that he was offended and went in himself.If someone in the class though something caught in his story, you must immediately begin to ask the teacher questions.

He loves what says and wants students to love it, too.He was a little silence in the classroom.And even a little attention.He needs to wards experienced that at this moment he is going through.

Nothing can hurt Cancer can be fun and cute, and perhaps even become attached to the student almost like a member of their family.

should not, however, deceive ourselves believing that this teacher is easy to handle.We advise to remember that under the sign of Cancer was born the great Roman general Gaius Julius Caesar.Perhaps he too often offended, but still won half the world.


Do not tease him.Leo need to tame.Secretly, he really wants to like wards.Therefore, if the class teacher to inspire that he - pussycat, he kisoy will.And if the disciples would treat as a mentor with a wild animal, it will be terrible roar.At the same time Leo inclined to battered pedagogical methods: the expulsion of the class, the seizure diary, slamming doors.

In fact, his favorite place in school - not the office, where he teaches, and the stage in the auditorium.So if a child is not enough for the soul, for example, the school theater, is to ask Leo to create it ... and lead.If the student and the teacher picked up deuces Leo left the ward on the extra classes, intending to ask a thrashing, do not stand with sour or swing right.I must say that the lessons of mentor really like (this is likely to be true), but apparently not enough capacity.Leo - man generous and not eat service.In an extreme case, slightly pozhuet.


Do not be late for class.Virgo itself can come to the school after dark.

her terribly annoying mess.Therefore, for private security wards should be kept clean notebook in her subject.There are, however, a catch: Virgo remembers all sorts of stuff.For example, if she gives the order, as opposed to the student for what it will not forget.

Virgo is sympathetic to complaints about health, because secretly indifferent to medicine.It will provide a lot of useful advice and sometimes even can release from employment.But being the person responsible, be sure to call the ward at night back home, so to inquire about his health.


He can not stand the noise in the classroom.The sharp sound of the findings of such a teacher off balance, and he could not really answer any questions from the students.Sometimes the balance coming to school already, so to speak, inflated.It is manifested as follows: yesterday was good,

today - bad.If students prosekli situation, someone should praise the look of the teacher.

As a classroom teacher Scales usually burdensome.From time to time they will drive students to the theater or a concert.They do not like to call the school parents.And try not to interfere in the conflict between the wards.If a serious talk with the teacher-Libra yet matured, the student is not recommended to wear orange jeans with a bright green sweater or piercing yellow jersey in purple stripes.We'll have to pick something quieter.


There's nothing you can do.Scorpio's motto: "Die Another Day, but be!".With this setting it is possible to convert the most irrepressible brawlers in the plush bunnies force alone look.A closer look at it, as if boring.In the faint of heart it causes itching.

Scorpio, as you know, is not the first sting.Outwardly he is quiet.But one wrong move, speak at random, knock, cry - and the student will get a portion of the poison.Arguing with a teacher dangerous.If the ward has incurred his wrath, would have to pretend that there was no one.

fineness of communication with Scorpio is as follows.You can not show that the student is afraid of him.Must keep with dignity and as a good soldier, bullets do not bow down.Wards teacher Scorpio will have a daily show their brilliance.Only in this way will be able to earn its location.

can be consoled by the idea that communication with the Scorpions learns to survive in extreme situations.


his players should prepare backpacks and tents.If it's wide of Sagittarius, he likes to camp life and certainly share it with the class.Of course, children need to get wet in the rain for hours to stomp on rough terrain and do without the sweet, but they learn to sing with a guitar and a bonfire one match.

Sagittarius - a straightforward man.He will not hide the fact that thinking about the student.When Sagittarius teacher was still in high school, he learned by rote line Nekrasov: "Sow a reasonable, good, eternal ... Sow - say a heartfelt thank you to the Russian people."To that end, he comes to school.If he suddenly rasshumelsya, then sowing is sluggish or shoots beat the frost.It is necessary to create the appropriate weather conditions.Little "reasonable, good, eternal" I have not hurt anyone.


Do not argue with him.It is useless.He is convinced that it is always right.And he's older and more important.So we'll just nod and faithfully look into his eyes.And when he says: "You have to!", You should immediately agree ... As mentioned in ancient Rome, "Dura lex, sedleks."Which means: "The law is the law."Capricorn soften tears quite difficult.If the student make a slip, it is advisable to start a good word like this: "I need your advice!".

Capricorn loves discipline and all sorts of useful activities.To appease Capricorn is best to give him and hang out in the classroom a desert mountain landscape.And from time to time to ask loudly: "It is true that a beautiful picture?".


With him you never get bored.Generally Aquarius in school - a strange phenomenon.As a white crow.The school life is arranged according to the rules and subject to a schedule.But Aquarius does not like to live by the rules and falls out of the general regulations.He can be late to class, or stretch it to change.In a class of it can expect anything up to the songs in Chinese.

But deal with it easily because the teacher-Aquarius held with pupils on an equal footing.And since the friends he usually half the world, children have the chance to get all of them.He is one of those teachers with whom you want to chat, and after school.

Most often students love such a teacher, so that no additional recommendations to improve relations with the teacher-Aquarius is required.


it will have to be protected.School for Pisces - not the most comfortable living environment.Morals severe there, and they - the people are sensitive;in childhood did not like books with a bad end, we did not see the horror and fear of vampires.And if they work at school it means really love their profession.

The most common fish found among chemistry teachers.It should be, the process of evaporation and mixing of various powders and solutions zavorazhivajushche acts on them.If the students in the classroom begin to brawl, Fish out of the classroom and wait until the riots themselves will cease.But, of course, they can be very offended.

Fish should be protected also because they, more than anyone, are capable of pity.The difficult situation is particularly useful to let a tear.


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